Renewable Energy + AI
Research Interests & Ab-initio Enginnering


Research Interests: Renewable energy and AI will define the future of humanity.  My research spectrum covers the discovery of novel energy material, the design of smart battery management system, the study of complex power grids, and development of novel algorithms for complex quantum dynamics, and beyond. We focus on applying the cutting-edge physics-based computational models, novel algorithms, and AI techniques in our research.

Ab-initio Engineering: We are devoted to design and optimize distributed generations according to the first principle (Ab-initio). We aim to develop a novel distributed management system based on AI techniques and novel predictive analytics to manage energy storage, renewable energy, distributed generators, and etc. Want to know more about our work, click here!  









Layered Hexagonal Oxycarbides, Mn+1AO2Xn : Unexpected Photovoltaic Ceramics



Lithium–Air Batteries: TiC MXene High Energy Density Cathode for Lithium–Air Battery 


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