Xin Chen Group
Nanomaterials, Renewable Energy, Complex Dynamic Systems and Quantum Effects
Brief Intro and Research Agenda


Our research is focused on the renewable and clean energy.  The topics span from fundamental theories to applied research. We study novel nano-materials (structure and functions) and develop cutting-edge theoretical tools. We are interested in nanoscale processes as well as the applications of the emerging technologies in the interdisciplinary research, such as deep learning, big data. Using these technologies, we want to make attempt to integrate science and engineering to tackle long-term scientific and engineering problems. Our current research consists of the following five directions: 

1. Fundamental theories of excitation energy/electron transfer in molecular and nanoscale systems and its applications in discovering novel PV, (organic) LED, and thermal materials.

2. Renewable energy material study and related simulation method developments

3. Smart grid synchronization stability, complex network theory (structure, function and control), and the management of energy storage device

4. Stochastic Modeling and optimization in varieties of applications

5. Quantum/Mixed Dynamics simulation methodology development (MP/SOFT, non-equilibrium transport/transfer)




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