Xin Chen Group
Nanomaterials, Renewable Energy, Complex Dynamic Systems and Quantum Effects
Prof. (Assoc)  Xin Chen





     email: xin dot chen dot nj at mail dot xjtu dot edu dot cn


    Center of Nanomaterials for Renewable Energy,

    School of Electrical Engineering

    Xi'an Jiaotong University



Experiences and Educations


Visiting Professor, Beijing Computational Science Research Center, 2017

Visiting Scholar, Northwestern University (Mark Ratner), 2015

Postdoc, Chemistry Department and Center for Excitonics, RLE,  MIT (Robert Silbey and Jianshu Cao), 2008-2014

Bank of Canada, Department of Financial Markets, 2011-2012

PhD, Yale University (Victor Batista), 2003-2008

MS, UBC, 2000-2003

BS, Nanjing University(强化班), 1995-1999 




1. Long Huo (PhD Student EE, 2018)

2. YuXuan Sui (Master Student EE, 2016)

3. Yawei Ma (Master student of EE, 2016)

4. YaDong Zhang (Master Student of EE, 2016)


Joint Supervision With Prof. Niu

1. Zhenyu Wang (PhD Student of EE)

National Scholarship Awardee (国家奖学金)

2. Hao Liu (PhD Student of EE)



1. LuXing Jiang (Undergraduate Student of EE, 2016-present), LuXing admitted into the Robotics Institute, CMU (卡耐基梅隆大学,机器人研究所), and enroll into the program, Fall, 2017.


Member Unaffiliated

1. Amrit Poudel,  who is a postdoc from Northwestern University, Evanston at the Mark Ratner group. He is working with us on a lot of fun topics, such as computational photonics and resonance energy transfer. 


Prof. Mark Ratner (Northwestern)

Prof. CH Shen (University of Adelaide)

Prof. ZH AN (Fudan University)

Prof. Francesco Ciucci(HKUST)

Prof. Jiansu Cao (MIT)

Prof. Victor Batista (Yale)

and my memorable acadmeic Postdoc advisor, Bob Silbey (MIT)


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