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 Wei Xi (惠维)


Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Technology  

School of Electronic and Information Engineering  

Xi'an Jiaotong University

Zip Code710054

Telephone: +86-29-82664770

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Lab of Big Data & Smart Sensing 

Research Area

 Internet of things, artificial intelligence, network security










2006/09 - 2014/03,Xi’an Jiaotong University
    M.S., Department of Computer Science, 2008.
    Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, 2014.
2009/12 - 2010/06,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Research Assistant, Department of Computer Science
2002/09 - 2006/07,Xidian University
    B.E. in Computer Science


1. 61772413, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 640 thousand2018.1-2021.12Host

2. 61402359, National Natural Science Foundation of China280 thousand2015.1-2017.12Host

3. 61325013National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China3.2m2014.1-2018.12Key member

4. 61190112Major Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China2m2012.1-2016.12 Key member 



Conference papers

1.      Wei Xi, Chen Qian, Jinsong Han, Kun Zhao, Sheng Zhong, Xiang-Yang Li, Jizhong Zhao, “Instant and Robust Authentication and Key Agreement among Mobile Devices”, Accepted to appear at ACM CCS 2016. [SLIDE] [CODE AND DATA]

2.      Han Ding, Chen Qian, Jinsong Han, Ge Wang, Wei Xi, Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao, “Device-free Detection of Approach and Departure Behaviors using Backscatter Communication”, Accepted to appear at ACM UbiComp 2016.

3.      Ge Wang, Chen Qian, Jinsong Han, Wei Xi, Han Ding, Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao, “Echoscope: Enabling Nondestructive Package Testing Using Backscatter Communication”, Accepted to appear at ACM UbiComp 2016.

4.      Zhiping Jiang, Chen Qian, Wei Xi, Shaojie Tang, Jizhong Zhao, “VADS: Visual Attention Detection with a Smartphone”, IEEE INFOCOM 2016.

5.      Wei Xi, Dong Huang, Kun Zhao, Yubo Yan, Yuanhang Cai, Rong Ma, Deng Chen, “Device-free Human Activity Recognition using CSI”, ACM Workshop for CSAR, in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2015.

6.      Wei Xi, Rong Ma, Yuanhang Cai, Kun Zhao, “Prevent CSI Spoofing in Uplink MU-MIMO Transmission”, ACM Workshop for CSAR, in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2015.

7.      Kun Zhao, Wei Xi, Chen Qian, Jinsong Han, Xue Liu, Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao, “EMoD: Efficient Motion Detection of Device-free Objects Using Passive RFID Tags”, IEEE ICNP 2015.

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9.      Ge Wang, Jinsong Han, Chen Qian, Han Ding, and Wei Xi, Is My Cheese Moved? An RF based "X-raying" Method for Trustworthy Item-identification, In Proceedings of ACM MSCC 2015. (Best Paper Award)

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13.   Wei Xi, Xiang-Yang Li, Chen Qian, Jinsong Han, Shaojie Tang, Jizhong Zhao, Kun Zhao, “KEEP: Fast Secret Key Extraction Protocol for D2D Communication”, IEEE/ACM IWQoS, Hong Kong, China, May 26-27, 2014.

14.   Deng Chen, Li Du, Zhiping Jiang, Wei Xi, Jinsong Han, “A fine-grained Indoor Localization using Multidimensional WiFi Fingerprinting”, IEEE ICPADS 2014.

15.   Tao Li, Wei Xi, Shaojie Tang, Jizhong Zhao, “Use Antenna Wisely: Locating RFID Tags by Rotation”, ACM MobiCom poster, 2014.

16.   Jinsong Han, Han Ding, Chen Qian, Dan Ma, Zhi Wang, Wei Xi, Zhiping Jiang, Longfei Shangguan, “CBID: A Customer Behavior Identification System Using Passive Tags”, IEEE ICNP, Research Triangle area of North Carolina, October 21-24, 2014.

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Journal Papers

27.   Jinsong Han, Chen Qian, Jizhong Zhao, Wei Xi*, Zhiping Jiang, Zhi Wang, “Twins: Device-free Object Tracking using Passive Tags”, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Volume: 24, Issue: 3, Pages: 1605 – 1617, 2016.

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Book Chapters

36.   Wei Xi, Jinsong Han, Keqin Li, Zhiping Jiang, Han Ding, “Location Inferring in Internet of Things and Big Data”, to be published in John Wiley & Sons Inc.

37.  Jinsong Han, Wei Xi, Kun Zhao, Zhiping Jiang, “Device-Free Object Tracking Using Passive Tags”, SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2014.   


Patents in China

1.     一种利用信道状态信息的非绑定人数计数方法(CN201410458022),惠维;赵鲲;赵季中;程鹏;李向阳;蒋志平

2.     一种基于用户眼球的单词查询方法(CN104866470A),惠维;张哲; 蒋志平; 韩劲松; 魏尧; 赵季中

3.     一种基于图像消失点识别技术的移动设备姿态测量方法(CN104848861A),惠维; 高学广; 蒋志平; 杜立; 韩劲松; 赵季中

4.     传感器网络节点的定位方法及装置(201210116168.X),惠维

5.     一种移动无线传感器网络定位方法(201010218594.5),赵季中;惠维;王志;郗旻

6.     一种基于人眼运动特征的智能设备解锁方法(CN201410432080),魏尧;韩劲松;惠维;赵季中;蒋志平;王志;周伟 

7.     一种利用人眼注视点的屏幕解锁和应用启动的方法(CN201410360371),周伟;韩劲松;惠维;蒋志平;王志;赵季中

8.     一种基于微环境感知的蓝牙防丢检测导航方法及其系统(ZL20151 0313286.3),韩劲松;沈涛;丁菡;高学广;王鸽;蒋志平;惠维

9.     一种基于多普勒频移的人气商品发现方法(2016102566802),丁菡;韩劲松;吴严;惠维;蒋志平;赵季中

10.  一种基于射频反向散射信号的人数计数方法(2016102568028),丁菡;韩劲松;惠维;蒋志平;赵鲲;赵季中

11.  一种基于临近状态探测的商品关联性挖掘方法(2016102568013)韩劲松;杨南;丁菡;王鸽;惠维;赵季中

12.  一种利用物体移动的标签二维定序方法(2016104090059)韩劲松;王鸽;丁菡;惠维;赵季中