1. 生物组织热消融瞬态物理特性

       (Transient Physical Characteristics of Biological Tissues during Thermal Ablation)

   2. 聚焦超声流动微泡空化增热

      (Cavitation-enhanced Heating of Flowing Microbubbles during Focused Ultrasound Exposures)

  3.  生物组织热消融超声参量鉴别监控成像

      (Ultrasonic Monitoring Imaging for Thermal Ablation)

  4. 经颅超声神经调控机制与应用研究

      (Mechanism and Application of Transcranial Ultrasonic Neuromodulation)

  5. 神经瘤高强度聚焦超声热消融

      (Thermal Ablation of Traumatic Neuroma using High-intensity Focused Ultrasound)



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