Computational Fluid Dynamics & Experiment

1. Meshles Method: Moving Particle Semi-implicit method (MPS)


Fig.1 Uniform particle distribution for annular sector with skewed slot shape.


Fig.2 PCER (position comparison to erase redundancy) searching method to increase the efficiency of the calculation


Fig.3 No-slip boundary condition with example of dam break


Fig.4 Parallel computation with OpenMP


Fig.5 Liquid droplet fall down from the surface of a circular tube



Fig.6 Binary droplets collision with different result and their mass transfer




Fig.7 Free surface deformation under centrifugal force



Fig.8 Flowing sequence of pouring liquid


2. Experiment with Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Fig.9 Unsteady flow field test inside fluid machinery.

3. Study on the ocean engineering

    coming soon...

4. Theory and Research on Energy Conservation of Basic Flows

    coming soon...

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