One paper was published in Dyes and Pigments


    Recently, one paper titled as “Azo dye aggregates and their roles in the morphology and conductivity of polypyrrole” by Yu Li et al. was published in Dyes and Pigments, the first author of the paper is Dr. Yu Li. (Link to 10.1016/j.dyepig.2020.108329)

    Polypyrrole (PPy) synthesized by the oxidation of pyrrole with iron (III) chloride in the presence of sulfonic azo dyes exhibits fascinating nanometer-scale morphology and high conductivity, which are distinctly different from their counterparts prepared without dyes. The present work systematically studied the roles of sulfonic azo dye aggregates formed in acidic medium during the growth of PPy based on structural and elemental analysis. The results showed that there are two processes that affect the formation of PPy micro/nanostructures: (1) the oxidation of pyrrole to PPy and (2) precipitation of dye-containing aggregates. The morphology of PPy thus will depend on how fast the processes are and in what succession they take place.


     日前,李瑜博士(第一作者)的论文发表在Elsevier出版的学术期刊Dyes and Pigments上,论文题目为“Azo dye aggregates and their roles in the morphology and conductivity of polypyrrole”。