Room-temperature fully recyclable phenolic resin


    Phenolic resin is the first synthetic resin in human history 150 years ago. RGFP has been devoted to the theoretical and applied research on phenolic resins for nearly ten years. Under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, RGFP has achieved a series of results on the thermal pyrolysis mechanism and ablation resistance of phenolic resin.

    By introducing a dynamic covalent bond of boronic esters to crosslink novolac resin, RGFP realizes the controllable degradation and complete recycling of phenolic resin under mild conditions. This method supply a new way for green recycling of phenolic resins and their composites. The relative paper was published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry in June 2018. The title of the paper is Room-temperature fully recyclable carbon fiber reinforced phenolic composites through dynamic covalent boronic ester bonds, the first author of the paper is Dr. Shujuan Wang.





    近期,RGFP将基于硼酸酯的动态共价键用于交联热塑性酚醛树脂,实现了酚醛树脂在温和条件下的可控降解和完全再循环,该方法为酚醛树脂及其复合材料的绿色循环利用开辟了一条新途径。这一成果已申请中国发明专利,论文于20186月发表于由英国皇家化学会出版的学术期刊Journal of Materials Chemistry A上,论文的题目为Room-temperature fully recyclable carbon fibre reinforced phenolic composites through dynamic covalent boronic ester bonds,论文第一作者为王淑娟博士