One paper on polypyrrole hydrogels published online
发布者: 井新利 | 2021-06-02

Recently, one paper titled as “Facilely prepared conductive hydrogels based on polypyrrole nanotubes” was published online as a contribution to the special issue of Chemical Papers, which co-authored by Yu Li, Yanping Wang, Xiaoqin Liu, Shi Wang and Xinli Jing. (Link to doi.org/10.1007/s11696-021-01559-1).

Hydrogels based on conducting polymers possess vast applications in the area of flexible electronics including strain sensors and energy storage devices. A lot of traditional synthetic routes to robust conducting polymer hydrogels always rely on an in-situ polymerization of the monomers or a processible conducting polymer dispersion, which is neither controllable nor cost-effective. The present work provides a facile method to obtain high-quality conducting hydrogels based on as-synthesized polypyrrole (PPy) nanotubes through solution infiltration followed by construction of a dual cross-linking network. (Written by Zhen Wang; proofread by Xiaolong Xing)


RGFP的一篇论​​​​​​​文Chemical papers上在线出版​​​​​​​

日前,RGFP的一篇论文在Springer旗下的学术期刊Chemical papers上在线出版,论文题目为“Facilely prepared conductive hydrogels based on polypyrrole nanotubes”。论文的作者为李瑜、王艳萍、刘晓琴、王石和井新利教授。

本论文针对传统制备导电高分子水凝胶方法过程复杂、可控性差等缺点,以原位聚合形成的聚吡咯纳米管海绵为导电骨架,通过灌注水溶性高分子溶液、构建水溶性高分子的双交联网络,获得了一种兼具良好机械强度和导电性的水凝胶。(撰稿:王  镇;校对:行小龙)