Paper accepted by INFOCOM 2020 (CCF A) 2019-12-07
5G车联网综合安全论文被《中国科学:信息科学》录用 2019-11-01
NSFC面上项目“路由链路安全监控”获得优先资助 2019-08-16
Book chapter "Blockchain-Based Botnets for Command-and-Control Resilience" accepted 2019-07-18
Paper accepted by SecureComm 2019-06-07
受邀担任ACM CoNEXT 2019 student workshop共同主席 2019-05-12
恭喜师马玮、焦洪山两位硕士生斩获阿里实习offer 2019-05-04
Paper accepted by IEEE TDSC (CCF A) 2018-12-28
恭喜实习生何宜晖同学开启攻读CMU硕士之旅 2018-09-01
Paper accepted by ACM TOMPECS 2018-06-09
Special fund of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (中国博士后科学基金批特别资助) granted 2018-06-01
Paper accepted by Information Sciences (IF: 4.832, XJTU A) 2018-04-19
Congrats to Jianfeng Li (李剑锋) on passing Ph.D. defense 2018-03-09
Paper accepted by IEEE Intelligent Systems (IF: 2.374, XJTU A) 2018-03-02
Paper accepted by TIFS (CCF A) 2018-02-23
Paper accepted by Security and Communication Networks (SCI) 2017-12-27
Paper accepted by INFOCOM (CCF A) (acceptance rate of 19.2%) 2017-11-28
Our paper won the F5000 prize (中国精品科技期刊顶尖学术论文) 2017-10-21
Paper accepted by SRDS (CCF B) 2017-06-26
Congrats to Yankang ZHAO (赵延康) on getting internship opportunities from both Alibaba and Tencent 2017-04-28
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