Teaching and Lectures


Mental health and self adjustion of college students, selective course, 32h


1. Freshmen’s Self-Adjust and Campus Life Adaptation    2 hours
2. College Students’ Internet use and Mental Health    2 hours
3. Mental Health and Self Development     2 hours
4. Distinguish and Intervention for Mental Crisis of College Student      2 hours
5. Counseling: the Skill of Help     2 hours
6. Mental Health and Counseling      2 hours
7. the notions and Counselor-Client Relationship in Counseling       2 hours
8. Helpline Counseling Technique:the Skill of Listening and Question      2 hours
9. Helpline Counseling Technique: Empathy and Reaction     2 hours
10. the History, Current Situation and Future of Chinese Psychological Counseling       2 hours
11. Self-adjust for negative emotion      2 hours
Scientific Research

Research Interests:
1.The contents, method and mechanism of mental health education in college and university;
2.Techniqu and it’s application of psychological counseling;
3.Mental health and counseling thought in Chinese traditional culture;
4.addiction behavior and drug addicts’ mental dependence and mental health
5.The cause, mechanism and preventive intervention of internet addiction in adolescence and young adult

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The 9th Excellent Paper Award for Nature Science of Shaanxi Province, second Class, 2006

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