1. Multiscale and Multi-field coupling of smart materials and structures

  We focus on the mutiscale and multi-field coupling of smart materials and structures to explore the relations from materials-process-structure-environment-property-device. We aim to construct multiscale multi-field coupled theory of smart materials and structures, based on which to fabricate some advanced smart materials and structures, and explore their practical applications.  


 2. Soft Robotics

 We focus on the multiscale aspects of soft robotics, such as the design and fabrication of soft actuators, structures of soft robotics and representive applications.


3. Superlubricity

 Friction and wear are two important problems for most of the mechanical system from nanoscale to macroscale. We intend to utilize the incommensurate contact of two dimensional materials, exhibiting atomic smooth surface and ultralow sliding resistance to solve the friction and wear problem.