Cutting-edge Nondestructive Evaluation (CeNDE)



PhD students 博士研究生


Bei Yan 闫贝 (M.Sc 2016, Approaching PhD)

Pulse-modulation eddy current technique (PMEC) for corrosion imaging


Shuting Ren 任淑廷 (Approaching PhD)

Visualisation-based evaluation of aviation structures via GPEC



Wenjia Li 李文嘉 (Approaching PhD)

Microwave nondestructive testing and evaluation for defect characterisation



 Master students 硕士研究生



Chao Zhang 张超 (Approaching M.Sc, Expected: 2021)

Near- and remote-field pulsed eddy current evaluation (NRPEC)


Zhengshuai Liu 刘正帅 (Approaching M.Sc, Expected: 2022)


Rui Cai 蔡瑞 (Approaching M.Sc, Expected: 2020)

EMAT guided wave inspection


Jinhua Hu 胡金花 (Approaching M.Sc, Expected: 2020)

Microwave NDT for characterisation of defects in dielectric materials

Jianguo Tan 谭建国 (Approaching M.Sc, Expected: 2019)

Microwave NDT for evaluation and imaging of defects in composite materials


Yi Wang 王翼 (Approaching M.Sc, Expected: 2019)

Analytical modeling of electromagnetic NDT

Xiyu Zhang 张曦郁 (M.Sc 2018)

Pulsed remote field eddy current technique


Haoqing Jing 敬好青 (M.Sc 2018)

Electromagnetic acoustic transduction, FREM-EMAT



Da Li 李达 (M.Sc 2016)

Multi-frequency eddy current evaluation of thermal barrier coating

Pulse-modulation eddy current inspection of tubular conductors



Yili Li 李一力 (M.Sc 2016)

Evaluation of tubular conductors via Electromagnetic acoustic transduction


 Xiangbiao Liu 刘相彪 (M.Sc 2015)

Pulsed remote field eddy current inspection of corrosion in double-casing pipes



Yong Qi 齐勇 (M.Sc 2013)

Magnetic field-based pulsed eddy current inspection