English CV

I. Basic information


     Dr Yanni Xiao
     Address: Department of Applied Mathematics
                      School of Mathematics & Statistics, Xi'an Jiaotong University
                     Xi'an, 710049, P.R.China
                     Email: yxiao@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
                     Phone:  029 82663156(O)

II. Education
        09/1991-07/1995: B.S. in Department of Mathematics, Shaanxi Normal University,
        09/1995-07/1998: M.S. in Department of Mathematics, Shaanxi Normal University,
                                         Major: Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations and Biomathematics.
        09/1998-05/2001: Ph.D in Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100080, P.R.China,
                                        Guided by Prof. Lansun Chen.
                                        Major: Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems. Research areas: Population dynamics and epidemiology.
III. Work experience
           05/2001-01/2003: Post-doctoral researcher in Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, P.R.China,
                                            Work with Prof. Daizhan Cheng.
                                            Research project: Biological control in populations and epidemiological systems.
          02/2002-10/2002: Academic visitor in Biomathematics group in AEN, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2JQ, UK
                                           Work with Dr.Frank van den Bosch
                                            Research project: The effect of juvenile competitive bottleneck on population dynamics

          01/2003-05/2006: Post-doctoral researcher in Department of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK.
                                          Work with Prof R Bowers, Prof N French & Dr D Clancy
                                          Research project: Understanding the dynamics of endemic and epidemic Salmonella infections in cattle and pigs: A comparative
                                                                            modelling approach
         06/2006-present: Professor of Applied Mathematics,Xi'an Jiaotong University, China.
                                        Courses taught: Stability and qualitative theory for ODE; ODE (bilingual education); Mathematical modelling
                                        Research project: Study of infectious disease on contact network, Modeling HIV/ADIS epidemic  in mainland China, Modelling  hospital   

                                                                          infection in ICU, modelling influenza 


 IV. Research Interests

My research is mainly concerned with deterministic/stochastic models for the spread of infectious disease. Areas of current interest include:

  •      Eco-epidemiology
  •      Viral dynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Epidemiology
  •     Spatial heterogeneity
  •     Optimal intervention (isolation /immunisation) policies
  •     HIV/AIDS applications, Influenza
  •     Hospital infection


 V. Award and Grants

  •    Outstanding award of the President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2001.
  •    Postdoctoral Research Fund of Chinese Academy of Sciences from K. C. Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong , 2001 (PI).
  •   The Chinese Postdoctoral Scientific Foundation , 2001 (PI).
  •   Study of infectious disease dynamic system on contact networks' (NSFC 10701062,180000RMB), 2008-2010 (PI).
  •  The Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry (20000RMB), 2008-2010 (PI).
  •  The epidemiological models with temporal-spatial effect', New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET-08-0430, 500000RMB), 2009-2011 (PI).
  •  `Study on dynamics of hospital infection' (NSFC 30970126, 330000RMB), 2010-2012 (CP).
  •   National Mega-project of Science (2008ZX10001-003, 955000RMB), 2008-2010   (PI for sub-project: Modeling HIV/ADIS epidemic (individual/population level)  in China).
  •  National Mega-project of Science (2012ZX10001-001, 943000RMB), 2012-2015 (PI for sub-project: Modeling e®ects of HAART on HIV transmission dynamics in China).
  • `Study of effect of virus dynamics based on individual level on macroscopical epidemic of infectious disease', (NSFC 10701062, 460000RMB), 2012-2015 (PI).