Basic Information


Dr. Zedong Cheng

Associate Professor

Member of ISES & ASME

Department of Thermo-Fluid Science and Engineering, School of Energy and Power Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU)

Key Laboratory of Thermo-Fluid Science and Engineering of Ministry of Education, China


Tel:   +86-29-82663851 (Fax: 82665445)


Office:    North Building 2#, Room 8810

Address:    No. 28 Xianning West Road, 

                    Xi'an, Shaanxi 710049, China


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Research Interests

Currently I am interested in the research and development of renewable energy, solar thermal energy, concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies, solar thermochemical fuel production, Monte Carlo ray-tracing methodology, computational fluid dynamics, numerical heat transfer and enhancements, heat and mass transfer in porous media or packed beds, thermal stress problems, etc.

Including but not limited to the following research topics:

1. Efficient renewable energy solar thermal energy applications

2. Concentrated solar collectors & receivers modeling and analysis

3. High-efficiency photo-thermal conversion mechanisms

4. High-efficiency solar absorber designing & optimizations

5. Solar thermochemistry for hydrogen production and energy storage

6. Catalytic chemical reactions in micro-channel/miniture energy systems

7. Heat and mass transfer and fluid flow in porous media or packed beds

8. Computational Fluid Dynamics for heat transfer and enhancements

9. Monte Carlo ray-tracing simulations and optimizations on optical systems

I'm also interested in thermal management technologies, thermochemistry catalyst characteristics, thermal/chemical energy storage (T/CES), solar desalination, efficient conversion technologies for biomass to renewable energy, etc.


Opening positions for graduate students are available at Dr. Cheng's group.    

The candidates must have a Bachelor degree, with solid training in one of the fields of Renewable Energy, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Thermo-Fluid Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science or closely related fields. Those who are enthusiastic, ambitious and determined to develop excellent academic and industrial careers are particularly welcome.