Basic Information  

Name: Zhang Min
Academic Title: Associate Professor
Add: English Department,
     School of International Studies,
        Xi’an Jiaotong University

Tel: 029-82668688
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Field of Research:
  •  English Language and Literature, Translation Theory and Practice
Schooling and Working Experiences:
  • Graduated from and conferred B.A. by South China Normal University in 1988;
  • Graduated from and conferred M.A. by Lanzhou University in 1991.
  • Working as a teacher in Xi’an Jiaotong University ever since.
Major Publications:
  • Translations
    • Chinese Version of Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy, 1999, Flower City Publishing House
    • Chinese Version of The Police and Sting by Chris Welch, 2000, Xi’an Jiaotong University Press
    • Chinese Version of My Life by Isadora Duncan, 2003, Flower City Publishing House
  • Compilations
    • A Combatant in the World, 1999, Northwestern Polytechnical University Press
    • Selected English Short Stories, 2000, Xi’an Jiaotong University Press
    • Postgraduate English Intensive Reading, 2000, Xi’an Jiaotong University Press
    • age English-Chinese World Classics (10 Volumes), 2003, China Science and Culture Audio-Video Publishing House
    • Selected Australian Short Stories, 2007, Xi’an Jiaotong University Press
  • Papers
    • Image Differences and E-C Translation, 1999, Journal of Shaanxi Normal University
    • Hagar Shipley in The Stone Angel, 2000, Journal of Lanzhou University
    • Artistic Application and Translation of Numerals, Chang’an Translation Forum, 2000, Shaanxi Tourism Publishing House
    • Lexical Features of British and American Newspapers, A Collection of Papers on College English Newspapers Teaching, 2000, Peking University Press
    • Appreciation and Translation of Malapropism, A Collection of Papers on Foreign Language Teaching and Research, 2002, Xi’an Jiaotong University Press