论文标题 作者 发表/完成日期 期刊名称
Dual-objective chemical production planning by graphical-tabular Pinch Analysis for sustainable methanol industry in China Zhen Qin, Kai Tang, Yunsong Yu, Zaoxiao Zhang2018-06-10Journal of Cleaner Production
Multi-level configuration and optimization of a thermal energy storage system using a metal hydride pair Feng PH, Wu Z, Zhang Y, Zhang ZX2018-03-14Applied Energy
Effects of non-aqueous solvents on CO2 absorption in monoethanolamine: Ab initio calculations Tingting Zhang, Yunsong Yu & Zaoxiao Zhang 2018-03-14Molecular Simulation
Molecular dynamics simulation of tensile strain altered hydrogen behavior and its effects on local plasticity Yao-Ting Zheng, Min He, Guang-xu Cheng, Zaoxiao Zhang (通信作者), Fu-Zhen Xuan and Z2018-01-14Molecular Simulation
Identifying the multi-ion effects on the phase flow, mass and heat transfer in amine absorption of CO2 Yunsong Yu, Tingting Zhang, Guangxin Liu, Zaoxiao Zhang(通信作者),Guoxiong Wang2017-11-06International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
Effect of high temperature deformation on the microstructure, mechanical properties and hydrogen embrittlement of 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25 V steel Y. Wang, G. Cheng, M. Qin, Q. Li, Z. Zhang, K. Chen, Y. Li, H. Hu, W. Wu, J. Zha2017-09-21International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Gas emission source term estimation with 1-step nonlinear partial swarm optimization-Tikhonov regularization hybrid method Denglong Ma(第一通信作者), Wei Tan, Zaoxiao Zhang(第二通信作者)2017-08-12Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering
An optimal multivariable controller for transcritical CO2 refrigeration cycle with an adjustable ejector He Yang, Deng Jianqiang, Yang Fusheng, Zhang Zaoxiao(通信作者)2017-03-31Energy Conversion and Management
Performance of CO2 Absorption in a Diameter-varying Spray Tower Xiaomei Wu, Yunsong Yu, Zhen Qin, Zaoxiao Zhang(通信作者)2017-03-28Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering
Performance optimization of a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system using a controlled ejector, International Journal of Refrigeration Yang He, Jianqiang Deng, Lixing Zheng, Zaoxiao Zhang2017-03-01International Journal of Refrigeration
Parameter identification for continuous point emission source based on Tikhonov regularization method coupled with particle swarm optimization algorithm Denglong Ma, Wei Tan, Zaoxiao Zhang(通信作者), Jun Hu2016-12-02Journal of Hazardous Materials
First-principles insights into influencing mechanisms of metalloid B on Mg-based hydrides Zhen Wu, Luying Zhu, Fusheng Yang, Zhao Jiang, Zaoxiao Zhang2016-09-26Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Carbon footprint evaluation of coal-to-methanol chain with the hierarchical attribution management and life cycle assessment Zhen Qin, Guofu Zhai, Xiaomei Wu, Yunsong Yu, Zaoxiao Zhang2016-09-15Energy Conversion and Management
Contaminant dispersion prediction and source estimation with an improved intelligent network model for point source emission, Journal of Hazardous Materials Denglong Ma, Zaoxiao Zhang2016-06-05Journal of Hazardous Materials
Fracture toughness evaluation of 316LN stainless steel and weld using acoustic emission technique Mengyu Chai, Quan Duan, Xinglong Hou, Zaoxiao Zhang2016-05-02ISIJ International
Improvement in hydrogen desorption performances of magnesium based metal hydride reactor by incorporating helical coil heat exchanger Zhen Wu, Fusheng Yang, Luying Zhu, Penghui Feng, Zaoxiao Zhang2016-04-29International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Dynamic simulation of an improved transcritical CO2 ejector expansion refrigeration cycle Lixing Zheng, Jianqiang Deng, Zaoxiao Zhang2016-04-22Energy Conversion and Management
Mass and heat transfer characteristic in MEA absorption of CO 2 improved by meso-scale method Yunsong Yu, Tingting Zhang, Xiaomei Wu, Delong Mu2016-04-01International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
Contaminant dispersion prediction and source estimation with an improved intelligent network model for point source emission Denglong Ma, Zaoxiao Zhang2016-03-13Journal of Hazardous Materials
Mass and heat transfer characteristic in MEA absorption of CO2 improved by meso-scale method Yunsong Yu, Tingting Zhang, Xiaomei Wu, Delong Mu, Zaoxiao Zhang2016-01-30International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
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[1] 鲍泽威,吴震,孟翔宇,杨福胜,张早校,金属氢化物反应器内吸氢过程热质传递特性的多物理场分析,中国科技论文在线,201106,博士点基金和苏州基金资助

[2] 艾波,胡军,张早校(通信作者),程光旭,基于GA-BP算法的含缺陷蒸汽发生器管道的爆破压力预测,西安交通大学学报,2011,45(9):84-89

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[5] 郑伟,朱国君,周立辉,罗恒,任建科,张早校,李云,分散型原油储罐逸出H2S脱除实验研究,化学工程,2010年第10期,101-105

[6] 张旭,颜立伟,李云,张早校,莫沅,朱建立,合成氨液氮洗深冷净化过程模拟及分析,化工进展,2010,Vol.29, 增刊(一):484-488

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[8] 胡军,刘菲,张早校(通信作者),程光旭,利用ABAQUS对含氢鼓包缺陷的液化气罐进行安全分析,西安交通大学学报,2010, 44(9):38-42,

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[14] 余云松,朱建立,李青,李云,莫沅,张早校(通信作者),变负荷条件下的大型合成氨装置特性研究,西安交通大学学报,2009, 43(10);114-118(123)

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出版物 作者 出版日期 出版社
Simulation Studies on the Coupling Process of Heat/Mass Transfer in a Metal Hydride Reactor, Mass... Fusheng Yang and Zaoxiao Zhang2011-01-01InTech
过程控制装置及系统设计 张早校,王斯民2010-08-01北京大学出版社
化工工艺学 邓建强,张早校,赵小玲2009-06-01北京大学出版社
过程装备控制技术及应用典型题解析 张早校,王毅,侯雄坡2008-01-01化学工业出版社
过程装备控制技术及应用(第二版) 王毅,张早校2007-01-01化学工业出版社
化工机械工程手册 余国琮院士2002-01-01化学工业出版社
制冷与热泵 张早校,冯霄,郁永章2000-01-01化学工业出版社
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一种内环绕壁填料塔的设计方法 ZL201010578662.9发明 2012.07.11
一种活塞式气体功量交换装置 ZL201020150791.3发明 2011.01.05
一种太阳能热泵干燥系统 200810150817.1发明 2010.06.09
一种包含引射器的蒸汽压缩制冷系统 200710018738.0发明 2009.07.22
一种微通道式化学热泵反应器 200710018259.9发明 2009.07.08
一种采用膜蒸馏技术的吸收式制冷装置 200810232267.8发明 2008.11.14
一种环盘式化学热泵反应器 200510042823.1发明 2007.03.01
利用天然气生产水的方法及装置 ZL97108565.X发明 2002.01.23
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