(1.)Basic Information

Guiping Zhao  Professor                                               
   School of Aerospace
    MOE Key Lab of Strength and Vibration 

Xi’an Jiaotong University

Contact Information
Tel: 029-82668757-815
Fax: 029-82665439
•  Office: Room 305S, No. 1 Teaching Building 
Research Interest
 • Impact dynamics of solids
  • Mechanics of composite materials
  • Theory and application of steel structures 


• 1997 – 2000: Ph. D., Inha University, Korea 
• 1985 – 1988: M. A., Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China
• 1979 – 1983: B. A., Tianjing University, China
• 2002 – present:  Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong University
• 1999 – 2001:     Postdoctoral Fellow, Inha University, Korea 
• 1988 – 1997:     Associate Professor, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology
• 1983 – 1985:     Assistant , Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology
Publications of Particular Interest
1.       Zhao, GP, Chongdu Cho, Sheng Lu, Zhenghao Wang, Experimental study on impact resistance properties of T300/epoxy composite laminates, Journal of Composite Materials, 2009,22(18) .
2.       Zhao GP, Sang-kyo Lee, Chongdu Cho, Effect of compressive residual stress in the core of clamped sandwich plate under shock loading, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 2008, 22(9-11).
3.       Zhao, GP, Chongdu Cho, Damage initiation and propagation in composite shells subjected to impact, Composite Structures,2007, 78(1): 91-100.
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