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       赵玺,西安交通大学管理学院教授,仲英青年学者,IEEE Senior Member,陕西省医疗健康大数据工程研究中心主任,大数据算法与分析技术国家工程实验室社会大数据分析与应用中心主任,中国管理科学与工程学会人工智能技术与管理应用研究会秘书长。先后于法国中央理工大学攻读计算机科学博士学位美国休斯顿大学任研究助理教授。他在大数据、人工智能、信息系统领域发表国际顶级期刊和会议发表SCIEI文章70 余篇(IEEE T.PAMIIEEE T. CyberneticsIEEE TIFSTMDSSICISSensys等)。2015年起先后主持国家自然科学基金,教育部-中国移动科研基金项目,陕西省发改委资助的创新能力建设项目,国家发改委城市地下空间工程大数据智能分析与公共服务平台建设及示范应用项目等十余项国家、省部级重大重点大数据项目。中央电视台一套黄金档节目机智过人专题报道了赵玺的研究工作,成果入选中国智能先锋

        Dr. Xi Zhao, selected into both Youth Talent Support Program of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Sanqin Talent Program of Shaanxi Province, is the current director of both Shaanxi Province Medical and Health Big Data Engineering Research Center and National Big Data Algorithm and Technology Engineering Laboratory Research Center, as well as the member of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI)-Intelligent Interaction Committee and China Computer Federation (CCF)-Computer Application Committee.
        赵玺在信息系统、人工智能、数据挖掘、心理学等与大数据行为与决策的跨学科领域发表国际顶级IEEE TPAMI,IEEE TCybernatics和管院A刊DSS,TM等文章50 余篇。多篇论文被重新收录于IEEE Biometrics compendium(Biometric Compendium是由国际IEEE 组织收选相关领域已发表文章的季刊,突显有影响力的研究工作)。先后主持了国家自然科学基金“面向智能健康管理:基于海量多源手机数据的宏观微观公众运动行为综合分析与提升研究”,“基于全脸统计学模型和回归器的对遮挡鲁棒的三维人脸特征点定位方法研究”,教育部-中国移动科研基金项目“基于多元数据的Smart商业模型构建与应用”,中兴通讯股份有限公司资助的“社交图像大数据分析中人脸图像处理技术研究”,陕西省发改委资助的“陕西省医疗健康大数据工程研究中心创新能力建设项目”,中国科学院资助的“大数据驱动的管理与决策及农业示范研究”等多个大数据方向项目,自2015年来主持的大数据方向项目受资助额度超过730万元。赵玺团队的研究工作多次收到中美媒体的广泛关注,特别是2018年中央电视台一套综合频道周末黄金档播出的我国首档聚焦智能科技的科学挑战类节目“机智过人”栏目,基于赵玺团队的大数据行为分析工作做了专题节目,成果入选中国“智能先锋”。
        In the interdisciplinary fields of Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Psychology and so on combined with Big Data Behavior and Decision-making, Dr. Xi Zhao published over 50 articles in the international top journal IEEE TPAMI and IEEE TCybernatics as well as A-level journal of School of Management DSS and TM. A number of papers have been re-encoded in IEEE Biometrics Compendium (Biometric Compendium is a quarterly publication for selecting and including published papers in the related fields by international organization IEEE to highlight influential research). Zhao has presided over multiple big data programs like the National Natural Science Foundation of China “For Intelligent Health Management: Comprehensive Analysis and Improvement Research of Public Sports Behavior from Macro and Micro Perspectives Based on Massive Multi-Source Mobile Phone Data”, “Research on 3D Facial Feature Point Location Method Based on Full Face Statistics Model and Regressor for Robust Occlusion”, Ministry of Education-China Mobile Research Fund Project “Building and Application of Smart Business Model Based on Multivariate Data”, “Research on Face Image Processing Technology from Social Image Big Data Analysis” funded by ZTE Corporation, “Innovation Capacity Building Project in Shaanxi Province Medical and Health Big Data Engineering Research Center” funded by the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, “Management and Decision Making and Agricultural Demonstration Research Driven by Big Data” funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.. Since 2015, big data projects in the charge of Zhao has received a grant of more than 7.3 million yuan. The research work of Zhao Xi’s team has also gained extensive attention from the Chinese and American media, especially China’s first scientific challenge program “Ji Zhi Guo Ren” focusing on smart technology broadcasted in the weekend prime time on the comprehensive channel CCTV1 in 2018, which produced special programs based on the big data behavior analysis of Zhao Xi’s team. The results were selected into “Intelligence Pioneer” in China. 
        The Shaanxi Province Medical and Health Big Data Engineering Research Center presided over by Zhao Xi contains internationally leading big data platform for teaching, research and practice as well as portable eye tracker, physiological metering equipment, virtual reality equipment, etc.. The team has gradually made world-leading research achievements in the field of mass users’ behavior analysis. Students trained in this team are open-minded with rich project experience and outstanding achievements, widely welcomed by the government, business and academia.



Behavioral Theory driven by Bid data, Behavioral Computing and Simulation; Decision Support based on Big Data Behavior; Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning; Blockchain
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