(1)Basic Information


Dr. Zhili Zhou

Management School
Xi’an Jiaotong University
Xian Ning West Road #28,Xi’an, China
Tel: +86(029)82667833

(2)Education experience、Working experience and Study and academic experience overseas


Eduction  Experience 
PhD  ( 1996-2000  )                                Management Science,   Xi’an Jiaotong University , China
MPhil ( 1996-1998 )                                Industrial Engineering,  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong, China
MSc  ( 1986-1990 )                 Mechanical Engineering,    Northwest Textile Institute, China
BEng ( 1979-1983 )                                Mechanical Engineering,     Xi’an Jiaotong University , China

Working Experience

2005- Today  Professor, Management School,Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

2001-2005     Associate  Professor,Management School,Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

1993-2001     Lecturer,Management School,Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

1983-1993     Lecturer, Northwest Texile Institute, China


Study and academic experience overseas

1996/09-1998/11 PG student in department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, The Hong Kong Univeristy of  Science and  Technology( HKUST ), Hong Kong, China

2002/07-2002/09   Research Associate, Hong Kong University of Science and  Technology( HKUST ), Hong Kong, China

2010/04-2010/05   Visiting professor,Ecole Centrale Paris University, France

2011/11-2012/02   Visiting Professor,School of Business, Loughborough University, UK

2015/01-2015/03   Visiting Scholar, The University of Hong Kong( HKU ), Hong Kong, China

2017/05-2017/06    Visiting Scholar, Santa Clara University, USA




(3)Award and Honors

Second Award for Science and Technology Progress (for work on scheduling in Advanced Manufacturing System ), Shanxi province, China, 2004
New Century Excellent Talents (to be selected into the Program of New Century Excellent Talents in University) , Ministry of Education, China, 2006

(4)Scientific Research

Research Interests/Areas

Operations Management and Operational Research. More specifically: 
Operations planning and scheduling in production, logistics and supply chains,
Mathematical modelling and heuristic solution of practical operations problems. 


Research Students Supervised

Five PhD students, More than twenty MSc students and Ninety MBA(Master of Business Administration)Students or ME(Master of Engineering) students were graduated. More than ten PhD students have started. 

Selected Research Grants

2014-2018, "Sub project 4: Operation Management of Low Carbon and Safe Logistics - The Sub Project of 'Research On Modern Logistics Management for the Coordinated Development of Economy,  Society and Environment'  ", One of Principal Investigators in Sub Project 4, Major Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, RMB1120,000 on Sub Project 4 ( No. 71390333 )

2015-2017,"Study on Scheduling of Single Coal Mine Production System Considering Transporation Plan", Principal Investigators , Shanxi Province Natural Science Foundation, China, RMB20,000 ( No.2015JM7369 )

2007 – 2009,   The scheduling problem of the complex production system in Advanced manufacturing”, Principal Investigator, National Natural Science Foundation of China, RMB165,000.( No.70671081 )
2006-2008,"The study about the production and control in advanced manufacturing system”
 the Program of New Century Excellent Talents in university, Ministry of Education, ,Principal Investigator,RMB200,000.

2004 – 2006, “Logistics analysis and design in typical flowshop production systems”, Principal Investigator, National Natural Science Foundation of China, RMB140,000.( No.70371037 ) 

2002 – 2004, “Logistics analysis in the flowshop production systems”, Principal Investigator, Shanxi Province Natural Science Foundation, China, RMB150,00.( No.2002G2 )

Selected Recent Publications

[1] Cheng Dong, Cheng Faxin, Zhou Zhili; Group Prioritisation with unknown expert weights in incomplete linguistic contextInternational Journal of Systems Science2017Vol 48   No.12pp.2633-pp.2643

[2] Xue Bai, Zhili Zhou, Kwai Sang Chin, Evaluating lane reservation problems by carbon emission approach, Transporation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2017, Vol.53, pp.178-pp.192

[3] Tingying Wu, Feng Chu,ZhenYang, Zhili Zhou, Lagrangean Relaxation and Hybrid Simulated Annealing Tabu Search Producedure For A Two - echelon Capacitated Facility Location Problem With Plant Size Selection. International Journal of Production Research, 2017, Vol.55, No.9, pp2540-pp2555

[4] Yu Xiao, Louis Y.Y. Lu, John S. Liud, Zhili Zhou, Knowledge Diffusion Path Analysis of Data Quality Literature: A Main Path Analysis, Journal of Informetrice, 2014, Vol.8, No.3, pp.594-605 

[5] Xiao-Yuan Wang , Zhili Zhou, Ping Ji, Ji-Bo Wang, Parallel Machine Scheduling with Simple Liner Job Deteriortion

and Non-simultaneous Machine Available Times, Computer & Industrial Engineering, 2014, Vol.74, pp.88-91


[6] Song Jiu, Zhili Zhou, Jiyin Liu, The equipment maintenance scheduling problem in a coal production system,

International Journal of Production Research, 2013, Vol.51, No.17, pp.5309-5336


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[8] Zhili Zhou, LingLi, Optimal cyclic single crane scheduling for two parallel train oil can  repairing lines,

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[19] Dong Cheng, Zhili Zhou, Faxin Cheng, Juan Wang, Deriving heterogeneous experts weights from incomplete linguistic
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[23] Da Huo, Bo Kou, Ming Lv, and Zhili Zhou,A machine learning model to classify aortic dissection patients in the early

diagnosis phase, Scientific Reports, 2018, Accepted










Operations Management(undergraduate),
System Engineering(MBA)
Logistics and supply chain management(Master of engineering)