Pool Boiling Experiment on Modified Micro-Pin-Finned Surface with Mechanical Oscillation

作者: JinjiaWei*, Xin Kong, Jie Ding, Yonghai Zhang
发表/完成日期: 2017-05-06
期刊名称: Heat Transfer Research, 2018, 48(9): 991–1001.
期卷: 48(9)
To further enhance pool boiling heat transfer, a new oscillation device was proposed. An oscillating plate was located over the heater surface with a vertical oscillation amplitude of 20 mm and frequency of 6 Hz. Three N-type phosphorus-doped silicon chips were used as heater surfaces. One was a smooth surface, and the other two were micropin-fi nned chips with a fi n side length of 30 μm and fi n height of 60 μm (chip PF30-60), and the pin fi ns were arrayed with aligned and staggered arrangements, respectively. Absolute ethyl alcohol was used as a working fl uid. The results showed that mechanical oscillation can enhance boiling heat transfer in both convective region and high heat fl ux region. The wall superheat showed a considerable decrease of 20–30oC in the convective region by thinning the thermal boundary layer on the heater surface, and the critical heat fl ux could also be increased by 20%. In addition, the micropin-fi nned chips showed bett er performance due to much more fresh liquid supply from the interconnected tunnels formed by micropin fi ns, which is driven by capillary force.
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