CHF correlation of boiling in FC-72 with micro-pin-fins for electronics cooling

作者: Yonghai Zhang, Jie Zhou, Wenjing Zhou, Baojin Qi, Jinjia Wei*
发表/完成日期: 2018-04-10
期刊名称: Applied Thermal Engineering, 2018, 138: 494–500.
期卷: 138
An experimental study of pool boiling heat transfer was conducted for micro-pin-finned surfaces. The micro-pinfinned surfaces had different pitches and configurations. Fin pitch and configuration were found to have significant effects on the boiling heat transfer coefficient (HTC) and critical heat flux (CHF). The staggered micropin- fins array surface with removed micro-pin-fins showed higher HTC and CHF than aligned micro-pin-fins, which was owing to the enhancement of capillary flow performance. Changing fin configuration shows a much higher HTC enhancement than that by changing fin pitch. Considering the surface area enhancement ratio (APF/AS), dimensionless number representing flow resistance (Dh/Lc, named capillary-resistance number), porosity (φ) and liquid subcooling (ΔTsub), a correlation to predict CHF for different micro-pin-finned surfaces was
proposed. The prediction results agree quite well with the experimental data within±8%.
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