Experimental Study of Subcooled Flow Boiling Heat Transfer on Micro-Pin-Finned Surfaces in Short-Term Microgravity

作者: Yonghai Zhang, Bin Liu, Jianfu Zhao, Yueping Deng, Jinjia Wei*
发表/完成日期: 2018-05-06
期刊名称: Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2018, 97: 417-430.
期卷: 97
The flow boiling heat transfer of subcooled air-dissolved FC-72 on micro-pin-finned surfaces was studied in
microgravity by utilizing the drop tower facility in Beijing. The micro-pin-fins with the dimension of 30×30×60 μm3 (width×thickness×height), named PF30-60, were fabricated on a silicon chip by using the dry etching technique. For comparison, experiments of flow boiling heat transfer in terrestrial gravity were also conducted. The effects of inlet velocity on both flow boiling heat transfer and bubble behavior were explored. It was found that gravity has nearly no effect on flow boiling heat transfer for the departure of the inertial-forcedominant bubbles in the low and moderate heat fluxes regions. In contrast, in the high-heat-flux region, the flow boiling heat transfer deteriorates and the critical heat flux (CHF) decreases due to the bubble accumulation in the channel. For PF30-60 at V=0.5 m/s, the CHF point can be inferred to be between 20.8 and 24.5 W/cm2, which is 63.0–74.2% of that in normal gravity. Regarding PF30-60 at V=1.0 m/s, the CHF point can be inferred to be between 25.4 and 31.6 W/cm2, which is 67.6–84.0% of that in normal gravity. The impact of gravity on CHF is closely linked to the channel geometry parameter and surface modification. The dimensionless numbers, Ch (Channel number) and Sf (Surface number), were proposed to describe the effect of the channel geometry and surface modification on the ratio of CHF in microgravity to that in normal gravity (CHFμg/CHF1g). An empirical correlation based on We (Weber number), Ch and Sf was proposed to predict the value of CHFμg/CHF1g ratio in good agreement with the experimental data. This study provides a new perspective to determine the threshold inlet velocity of inertial-force-dominant flow boiling under different experimental conditions at different gravity levels.
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