Experimental Study of Subcooled Flow Boiling Heat Transfer on a Smooth Surface in Short-Term Microgravity

作者: Yonghai Zhang, Bin Liu, Jianfu Zhao, Yueping Deng, Jinjia Wei*
发表/完成日期: 2018-05-16
期刊名称: Microgravity Science and Technology, 2018,30(6): 792-805.
The flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of subcooled air-dissolved FC-72 on a smooth surface (chip S) were studied in microgravity by utilizing the drop tower facility in Beijing. The heater, with dimensions of 40×10×0.5mm3 (length × width× thickness), was combined with two silicon chips with the dimensions of 20×10×0.5 mm3. High-speed visualization was used to supplement observation in the heat transfer and vapor-liquid two-phase flow characteristics. In the low and moderate heat fluxes region, the flow boiling of chip S at inlet velocity V = 0.5 m/s shows almost the same regulations as that in pool boiling. All the wall temperatures at different positions along the heater in microgravity are slightly lower than that in normal gravity, which indicates slight heat transfer enhancement. However, in the high heat flux region, the pool boiling of chip S shows much evident deterioration of heat transfer compared with that of flow boiling in microgravity. Moreover, the bubbles of flow boiling in microgravity become larger than that in normal gravity due to the lack of buoyancy Although the difference of the void fraction in x-y plain becomes larger with increasing heat flux under different gravity levels, it shows nearly no effect on heat transfer performance except for critical heat flux (CHF). Once the void fraction in y-z plain at the end of the heater equals 1, the vapor blanket will be formed quickly and transmit from downstream to upstream along the heater, and CHF occurs. Thus, the height of channel is an important parameter to determine CHF in microgravity at a fixed velocity. The flow boiling of chip S at inlet velocity V = 0.5 m/s shows higher CHF than that of pool boiling because of the inertia force, and the CHF under microgravity is about 78–92% of that in normal gravity.
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