Nucleate boiling heat transfer model based on fractal distribution of bubble sizes

作者: Baojin Qi*, Ya Wang, Jinjia Wei*, Yonghai Zhang, Ting Yu
发表/完成日期: 2018-09-16
期刊名称: International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2019, 128, 1175-1183.
Scientifically and accurately predicting the distribution of the bubble sizes on the heating surface is a key
step to improve the calculation accuracy of the boiling heat transfer model. In the present study, an ingenious
nucleate boiling heat transfer model was developed on the basis of random fractal function of the
bubble sizes distribution, and renormalization group theory was introduced to solve this distribution
function. Compared to the previous correlations, the distribution function of bubbles for various sizes
can be obtained by solving this random fractal distribution function with renormalization group method.
Furthermore, the process of increasing the fractal dimension from 1 to 2 was first proposed in this paper
to match the whole evolution of the heated liquid from natural convection to nucleate boiling, to transition
boiling, and finally to film boiling. Therefore, the present model can reveal the nature of nucleate
boiling more comprehensively and deeply. Through comparison, it can be found that the image of bubble
distribution obtained from the random fractal model was very similar to the experimental photographs
statistically, and the predictions heat transfer were in good agreement with the experimental data when
the superheat DT is higher than 10 C, and the deviation is less than 20%.
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