Nucleate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer on Micro-Pin-Finned Surface in Short-Term Microgravity

作者: Yong Hai Zhang, Jian Fu Zhao, Jin Jia Wei*,Yan Fang Xue
发表/完成日期: 2017-02-01
期刊名称: Heat Transfer Engineering, 2017, 38(6): 594-610.
期卷: 38(6)
Nucleate boiling heat transfer of air-dissolved FC-72 on micro-pin-finned surface was experimentally investigated in microgravity by utilizing the drop tower facility in Beijing. The dimensions of the silicon chips were 10 mm×10 mm×0.5 mm on which two kinds of micro-pin-fins with the dimensions of 30 × 30 × 60 μm3, 50 × 50 × 120 μm3 (width × thickness × height, named PF30-60, PF50-120) were fabricated by the dry etching technique. The nucleate pool boiling on a smooth surface was also studied under both earth gravity and microgravity for comparison. In general, the micro-pin-fins showed better heat transfer performance when compared with smooth surface, both under earth gravity and microgravity. In microgravity, it is mainly due to the bubbles generated on micro-pin-finned surface can depart from heater surface continuously. For micro-pin-fins, the reduced gravity critical heat flux was about two third of that in earth gravity experiment, but almost three times as large as that for the smooth surface which is larger than that in terrestrial experiment. Under different gravity levels, PF50-120 shows a little better heat transfer than that of PF30-60 mainly due to larger heat transfer area. Besides, fin gap of PF30-60 may generate larger flow resistance for micro-convection around the fin sidewalls, resulting in a lower heat transfer performance.
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