Enhanced flow boiling heat transfer with jet impingement on micro-pin-finned surfaces

作者: Dong Guo, Jinjia Wei*, Yonghai Zhang
发表/完成日期: 2011-03-26
期刊名称: Applied Thermal Engineering, 2011, 31(11-12): 2044-2053.
期卷: 31(11-12)
Experiments were conducted to study the performance of subcooled flow boiling heat transfer with jet
impingement of FC-72 over silicon chips (10  10  0.5 mm3). Four kinds of micro-pin-fins with
dimensions of 30  60, 30  120, 50  60, 50  120 mm2 (thickness t height h) were fabricated on the
chip surfaces by using the dry etching technique. The experiments were made at two different liquid
subcooling (25 C and 35 C), three different crossflow velocities Vc (0.5, 1, 1.5 m/s) and three different jet
velocities Vj (0, 1, 2 m/s). A smooth surfacewas also tested for comparison. The results show that both the
microstructure and impingement give a large enhancement on heat transfer. The maximum allowable
heat flux increases with the velocity and liquid subcooling. For a fixed Vc, the enhancement degree
increases with Vj especially for Vc ¼ 0.5 m/s, Vj ¼ 2 m/s. As Vc increases, the heat transfer enhancement of
jet impingement weakens and the increase rate of CHF (the critical heat flux) also decreases. The largest
value of qmax (the maximumallowable heat flux) can reach 167 W/cm2 for chip with the fin dimension of
50  120 mm2 at the condition of Vc ¼ 1.5 m/s, Vj ¼ 2 m/s and liquid subcooling of 35 C.
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