Experimental study of nucleate pool boiling of FC-72 on micro-pin-finned surface under microgravity

作者: Yanfang Xue, Jianfu Zhao, Jinjia Wei, Yonghai Zhang, Baojin Qi
发表/完成日期: 2013-03-31
期刊名称: International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
期卷: 63
In order to effectively enhance the boiling heat transfer under microgravity, experiments were performed
using micro-pin-finned structure as heater surface in subcooled nucleate pool boiling of FC-72 under
short-term microgravity condition utilizing the drop tower Beijing. Micro-pin-fins with the dimensions
of 30  60 lm2 (thickness  height) and the space of 30 lm were fabricated on the surface of square sil-
icon with the dimensions of 10  10  0.5mm3 by using the dry etching technique. The results were
compared with previous published data of smooth chip both in normal gravity and microgravity condi-
tions. The micro-pin-finned chip showed a considerable heat transfer enhancement in the nucleate boil-
ing region with higher upper limit heat flux and lower mean heater surface superheat compared to chip S
under microgravity condition. The high-efficient heat transfer performance of FC-72 on the micro-pin-
finned surface is independent of gravity, which stems from the sufficient supply of fresh liquid to heater
surface due to the capillary forces.
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