Boiling heat transfer enhancement of nanofluids on a smooth surface with agitation

作者: Xin kong, Bao Jin Qi, Jin Jia Wei*, Wei Li, Jie Ding, Yong Hai Zhang
发表/完成日期: 2016-02-15
期刊名称: Heat and Mass Transfer, 2016, 52(12): 2769-2780.
期卷: 52(12)
The pool boiling heat transfer performance on a smooth silicon chip surface with agitation was experimentally investigated in this study. The nanofluids (Ag/alcohol) of 0.02% volume concentration and alcohol were the two contrast working fluids. To enhance the heat transfer performance, an agitating device was fixed above the top of the chip. The experimental results indicated that nanofluids could enhance the heat transfer performance especially in the nucleate boiling region. The heat transfer coefficient was increased by at least 100% with nanofluids, while the critical heat flux (CHF) was nearly not changed. In the agitation Reynolds number of 20300, the heat transfer performance was significantly enhanced in the convection region, and the CHF was increased by more than 25% for all groups. This boiling phenomenon was observed for both nanofluids and alcohol groups. Meanwhile, the boiling curves of different liquid subcoolings in the nucleate region were quite similar to each other under agitation.
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