Brief Introduction for Prof. Zhang Bao-hui

Basic Information

ZHANG BAO HUI, male,Born in 1953, received his master and Ph.D degrees in Xi’an 
Jiaotong University  in 1982 and 1988 respectively. Professor Zhang began to recruit
 Ph.D students in 1994. So far, 53 students have graduated and 22 students are still 
learning. His main area of research interest is in Power System and its automation.

Academic pluralism

a.IEEE Fellow(Since 2019).

b.President of board-general for China Power University Presidents meeting.
c. Vice-Director of Protection Relay on Power System of the CSEE.
d. Vice-Director of the CSEE in Shaanxi Province.
e. Journal Editor for ’Xi’an Jiaotong University Transaction ’,’Relay’,’Electrical Power 
    Automation Equipment’
f. IEEE Senior Member, CSEE Senior Member


Areas of research interests

a. Stability Control theory and equipment for Power System: track forecast of the power system transient 
    instability and emergency control based on WAMS , design of the generator non-linear optimal controller,
    the study on the security of the transmission section, research on the disconnection device after
    system’s out-of- step, research on the theory and practical technology of the best reclosing, research
    for the impulse on generator shafting caused by electric operation . 

b. New-type relay protection of power system: the research on transient-based ultra high-speed protection 
    for UHV transmission lines, research on the principle and device of ground fault line detection in Peterson
    -coil-Grounding system using transient component, the theory and technology on the integration of the
    transformer protection and the winding deformation detection, the Information Management and Expert
    System for relay protecion, the research on the novel theory and device based on non-differential bus,
    the research on the new current protection adpative for fault types.

c. Power system communication: high-speed power line carrier theory and technology; network access
    technology by high-speed line carrier; theory and technologyfor convergence of three networks:  telephone,
    computer and electric power.

d. others: the research on the distributed power accessing to the power system, including modeling, operation
    control, relay protection, transient analysis, and so on.

Research projects in latest 5 years

33 ongoing and finished projects, including 4 projects supporting by national foundation,  6 by province
foundation, the others are cooperation projects for University and company, yearly average research
budget is between 400 and 600 thousand RMB, the main projects among the finished are:

Stability Control theory and equipment for Power System

1.research for principle and technology realization of best reclosing
2.research for impulse caused by electric operation on shafting generator
3.estimation of power system transient stability based on real modulus vector
4.research for regional security and stability control system
5.research for new principle of disconnection device after out-of-step
6.development of security control device based on microprocessor

New-type Relay Protection for Power System

1.development of EHV transmission  line protection
2.research for new principle of ultra high-speed transient-based protection
3.development of relay protection management and expert system
4.research for a new theory and device of bus protection using non-differential principle
5.research for a new-type current protection adaptive for fault types

Power System Communication

theory and technology for convergence of three networks: telephone network, internet and electric network

Other research

the management, analysis, aided planning and design for urban electric network


School of electrical Engineering
Xi’an Jiaotong University
Xi’an, Shaanxi Province 710049

Telephone number: (029)82668869 (office)  Mobile phone: (86)13809180701