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34Accession number05479497694 Authors Li, Jian-Jun; Yang, Bo-Lun
Flowing characteristics of affinity adsorption in tapered bed with upflow method
Huaxue Gongcheng/Chemical Engineering (China )
Abstract In order to recognize the flow characteristics in a tapered affinity adsorption bed, FLUENT software was used in numerical simulation for the liquid-solid two phases flow. A two-fluid model of the liquid-solid in the tapered bed was established based on the theory of two-phase flow. The contours of inner velocity were obtained from this model. The effects of inlet velocity, solution concentration and angle were analyzed. The efficiencies were evaluated in terms of both solute recovery and the adsorbent utilization. The results showed that due to the existing of friction force between the wall and fluid, velocity near the wall is lower than that in center. Furthermore, the smaller the angle, the higher the expanded height; and the smaller the angle, the easier the overflow of particles. When operation is at the same angle tapered bed, expanded height will be higher along with increasing of inlet velocity and amount of particles in bed. Variation of protein concentration and adsorption reaction affected the fluid velocity a little.
33Accession number:05429423658
Preparation of Mo/CuZSM-5 catalysts by microwave radiation and its catalytic performance
Serial title: Hsi-An Chiao Tung Ta Hsueh/Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University
A series of Mo/CuZSM-5 catalysts with various Cu2+ exchanged degrees were prepared by microwave radiation. The influence of different exchanged conditions including the ratio of solid to liquid, the concentration of exchanged solution, the microwave intensity, and the radiation time were investigated. The reaction performance of methane non-oxidative aromatization over Mo/CuZSM-5 catalysts with various exchanged degrees and different methods was studied. The optimization of the catalysts and the reaction conditions was also carried out. The results of catalyst preparation show that the ratio of solid to liquid and the concentration of exchanged solution were the important impact factors during the ion exchange process, and the microwave radiation increased the exchanged degree of Cu2+. The activity and the stability of Mo/CuZSM-5 catalysts for methane aromatization were improved by comparison to the catalytic performance with the Mo/CuZSM-5 catalysts before and after being exchanged with Cu2+. The IR, XRD analyses confirm that the structure of zeolite exchanged with Cu2+ by microwave radiation was not changed and the addition of Cu2+ caused more Mo species distributed over the outer surface of catalysts.
32. Advances in synthetic catalysts for ethyl tert-butyl ether
Xiandai Huagong/Modern Chemical Industry
The research status on the synthetic catalysts of ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) at home and overseas is reviewed, and the reaction mechanisms for producing ETBE on the surfaces of different catalysts are analyzed. Catalytic activity, selectivity and stability of cation exchange resin, molecular sieve, solid super acids and heteropolyacids are compared. Preparation technologies for catalyst packing for synthesis of ETBE by catalytic distillation are discussed. It is point out that the thermo- stability and selectivity for cation exchange resin catalysts should be improved by adding the acceptor electronic groups such as halogen, nitro-group, acetyl and metal ion; the catalytic activity can be increased for molecular sieve catalysts by adjusting acidity using the ion exchange method; the fundamental research on solid super acids and heteropolyacids also should be strengthened to establish the base for the industrial production of ETBE.
31. Accession number: 05269184717
Secondary reactions of catalytically cracked gasoline
Huagong Xuebao/Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering (China)
 The ideal reactions and non-ideal reactions for reducing gasoline olefin and sulfur, and increasing propylene were proposed by analyzing potential secondary reactions of catalytically cracked gasoline. The secondary reactions of FCC nathpha on REUSY, ZRP and MOREY zeolite catalysts were investigated in a FCC pilot plant with riser reactor to determine the product distribution of secondary reactions and properties of the upgraded gasoline. Effects of operating intensity on conversion and selectivity of gasoline secondary reactions were also investigated by experiments. The results indicated that lighter dry gas, LPG rich in propylene, heavier diesel and coke were produced by secondary reactions of FCC nathpha under the catalysis of Y or ZRP zeolite catalysts. In comparison with the FCC nathpha feeds, olefinicity and sulfur content of the upgraded gasoline derived from secondary reactions decreased greatly, and aromatics content and octane number increased evidently. Conversion and selectivity of gasoline secondary reactions depended on the olefin content of feed gasoline, the zeolite type of catalysts and the operating intensity of reaction process.
30. Accession number:05259171835
Study on catalytic combustion of hydrocarbon waste gas from petrochemical sewage treatment system in industrial scale
Xiandai Huagong/Modern Chemical Industry
In order to remove the volatile organic compounds (VOC) pollution from the petrochemical sewage treatment system, a combined process of concentration adjustment, adsorption desulphurization and catalytic combustion was proposed to treat the waste gas, which was organized and sealed. The process includes the following procedures: (1) concentration adjustment of hydrocarbons with activated carbon; (2) adsorption desulphurization with Fe2O3; (3) catalytic combustion with honey comb-like composite catalysts of Pt, Pd and Ce. Based on the research in pilot plant, an industrial unit capable of treating 3000 m3/h of VOC for catalytic combusting organic waste gas was constructed. The industrial test results showed that the process was able to effectively remove above 95% of VOC, the gas after treatment met the exhausting requirements of the national standard.
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