About Me


My name is Zhixiong Nan(南智雄).

Since 2019, I am a lecturer of College of Artificial Intelligence (人工智能学院),Xi'an Jiaotong University (西安交通大学).

2017-2019, I was a Joint Ph.D. student at University of California, Los Angeles (加州大学洛杉矶分校), under the supervision of Song-Chun Zhu (朱松纯).

2014-2019, I was a Ph.D. student at IAIR, Xi'an Jiaotong University, under the supervision of Nanning Zheng (郑南宁). 



My research interest includes:

  • Detection:            vehicle detection, human detection, lane marking detection, etc.

  • Recognition:        object recognition, attribute recognition, behaviour recognition, etc.

  • Segmentation:     semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, etc.

  • Interaction:          human-object interaction, human-scene interaction, object-object interaction, human-human interaction, etc.

  • Prediction:           trajectory prediction, intention prediction, attention prediction, etc. 

  • Cognition:            human attention parsing, human intention parsing, human mind parsing, etc.

  • Application:         self-driving car, traffic scene understanding, etc.


Any students who are interested in AI (人工智能),Autonomous cars (无人驾驶汽车),Deep Learning (深度学习),Computer Vision (计算机视觉), please mail me (nzx2018@xjtu.edu.cn) to discuss and work with me.  




  • Our paper "Predicting Task-driven Attention via Integrating Bottom-up Stimulus and Top-down Guidance" is accepted by TIP, the code is available at https://github.com/xjtu-nzx/Predicting-Task-Drivern-Attention

Selected Research

  • Autonomous Cars




  • Lane Marking Detection

  • Human Attention Parsing


  • Vehicle Detection  


  • Joint Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection 


  • Unseen Attribute-Object Pair Recognition



Guides For Beginners

Here, I will conclude some suggestions for beginners who desire to stride into the area of Artificial Intelligence (人工智能), Deep Learning (深度学习), Computer Vision (计算机视觉) , and Autonomous Cars (无人驾驶)!!!

Here, I will also update some links for good Codes, Blogs, Algorithms, Articles, Platforms, Ideas, etc. Hope it is helpful !!!



  • [tutorial]. I find a good websit of AI tutorial, the link is here.


  • [book]. 《计算机视觉与模式识别》,郑南宁 著, the link is here. This book is one of the most classic books to guide the research of computer vision and pattern recognition.



  •  [course]. Learn how to code with Python. The link for learning《Python进阶》is here.


  •  [course]. A huge number of courses for learning CNN, DL, RL, etc. The link is here, some links ask for the access of youtube. 


  • [platform]. Baidu's autonomous car platform "Apollo", the link is here


  • [suggestion]. A beginner should first be familiar with Ubuntu OS, Pycharm tool, basic algorithms and theories in Machine Learning, Optimization, Representations, then read carefully and re-write classic and well-organized codes on Github.  After that, read papers and re-construct the ideas and experiments in the papers. Finally, the basic research begins. 


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