Basic Information

          Name : Zhou Qiaoge ,an associate professor 
          Sex:  female  
          Working Unit:  English Department, School of Foreign languages,xjtu
          Telephone : ( 029)82656657

         1972.7-1975 .7 studied English in the English Department , Xi’an Foreign Languages Institute
         1988. 1—1989.7 studied as a visiting scholar sponsored by WHO in the English Department, School of Humanities, San Francisco State University ,U.S.A

Working Experience: 
          an assistant in the Foreign languages Department , Xi’an Medical University (1975-1984) 
          a lecturer in the English Language Training Center run
by the Ministry of Public Health in Xi’an Medical University(1985-1987) and teaching medical English in the       Department of ESP (1989-1993)
         an associate professor in the Foreign Languages Department ,Xi’an Medical University and Xi’an Jiaotong university   (1994-present)
Academic interest:    medical English

Publications:               Reading in Medicine(Text Book one,. Book two, Book three);
                                Easy Way to Medical Words (text book);
                                Medical Writing (text book);
                                Concise English-Chinese Dictionary of Medical Terminology