论文标题    Combustibility analysis of high-carbon fine slags from an entrained flow gasifier
作者    Gaofeng Dai,Shijie Zheng,Xuebin Wang,Houzhang Tan
发表/完成日期    2020-08-24
期刊名称    Journal of Environmental Management
论文简介    The fine slag produced from the entrained flow gasifier in coal chemical industry contains a high amount of unburned carbon content, which can reach more than 40%. The coal gasification fine slag is dissipated just by land filling which occupies a lot of land. Consequently, it causes the pollution of soil, water and wastes the combustible carbon in coal gasification fine slag. It is crucial to develop an environmental friendly and economical scheme for the utilization of coal gasification fine slag. To achieve this aim, it is significant to investigate the combustibility of coal gasification fine slag and then propose a comprehensive utilization technology. In this study, the physical and chemical properties of the raw bituminous coal and the produced coal gasification fine slag, including proximate and ultimate analysis, particle size distribution, ash composition, morphology, and specific area were investigated. The combustion and co-combustion characteristics of coal gasification fine slag were analyzed by a thermo-gravimetric analyzer. A drop tube furnace and a fluidized bed reactor were employed to test the combustibility of coal gasification fine slag in a pulverized furnace and a fluidized bed furnace, respectively. Results show that the carbon content in dried coal gasification fine slag is >40% with a heating value > 16 MJ kg −1 . Further, thermo-gravimetric analyzer test showed that the combustion property of coal gasification fine slag is worse than that of anthracite and close to that of high ash coal, and there is a non-negligible synergistic effect for raw bituminous coal and coal gasification fine slag co-firing. The combustibility test in drop tube furnace and fluidized bed reactor showed that coal gasification fine slag can be well burned in a pulverized furnace requiring combustion temperature >900 °C and oxygen concentration >10 vol%. However, the fluidized bed furnace was not appropriate for high efficiency coal gasification fine slag burning, because the unburned carbon content of fly ash after coal gasification fine slag combustion is still >14%, even at 900 °C, 21% oxygen concentration and a low fluidization number. It is suggested that coal gasification fine slag will be better to burned it in a pulverized furnace rather than fluidized furnace.