论文标题    Coke preheating combustion study on NOx and SO2 emission
作者    Xiong Xiaohe, Lv Zhaomin, Yu Shilin, Tan Houzhang, Xiang Baixiang, Huang Jun
发表/完成日期    2021-04-15
期刊名称    Journal of the Energy Institute
论文简介    Aiming to further investigate preheating combustion technology on pollutants reduction impacts, a wider preheating temperature 600-1400 ℃ was conducted and the NOx and SO2 two pollutants emission were tested. Results showed that preheating combustion was an effective de-NOx technology but invalid for de-SO2 . The increase of preheating temperature can boost NOx reduction and carbon burn off. The higher the preheating temperature, the larger the NOx reduction amplitude. When increasing the preheating temperature from 800 ℃ to 1400 ℃, the NOx reduction rate could reach 20.2% and fly ash carbon could reduce 27.9% respectively. NO was the major composition in NOx. However, NO was decreased remarkably but NO2 increased by a certain margin in fuel-rich condition. To achieve ultra-low pollutants emission, NO2 should also be aroused attention besides NO.