论文标题    Emission characteristics of particulate matters from a 30 MW biomass-fired power plant in China
作者    Zhongfa Hu, Xuebin Wang, Lan Zhang, Shunzhi Yang... Houzhang Tan
发表/完成日期    2020-08-15
期刊名称    Renewable Energy
论文简介    The emission characteristics of particulate matters from a full-scale biomass-fired power plant equipped with bag filters were investigated. Results show that particle size distribution at the inlet of bag filter from the combustion of blended feedstocks is bimodal, while that of dry bark feedstocks is essentially unimodal with negligible emission of coarse particles with diameter in the range of 1.0–10 μm. The combustion of blended fuels generates higher yields of submicro particles than that of dry bark feedstocks. Elemental analysis shows that submicro particles in all cases mainly consist of potassium, chlorine, and sulfur. Higher chlorine but lower sulfur contents are observed in submicro particles from blended fuels compared with that from dry bark feedstocks. The vibrating operation of grate furnace reduces submicro particles emission as well as the sulfur content in all particles. Ion chromatography results show that sulfate ion and chloridion are the two most abundant water-soluble anions in particulate matters, while water-soluble cations are richest in potassium with considerable content of calcium, magnesium, sodium and ammonia. The contribution of organic and element carbon in particulate matters is in the range of 1–3%, indicating high combustion efficiencies and low organic and element carbon emissions of biomass-fired grate furnaces.