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Effect of Ca3(PO4)2 additive on the slagging behavior during the cofiring of high‑sodium coal and iron-rich coal Yibin Wang, Liangyu Li, Qiwei An, Meng Wang, Houzhang Tan, Peng Li, Jianghua Peng 2021-07-30 Fuel Processing Technology
Numerical investigation on deposition rate of mechanically mixed ash particles in an entrained flow reactor Wang Yibin, XiaoXiao Wang, Houzhang Tan, Xinwei Xu 2021-07-18 Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering
Emission prediction and analysis on CH4/NH3/air swirl flames with LES-FGM method Zhenhua An, Meng Zhang, Weijie Zhang, Runze Mao, Xutao Wei, Jinhua Wang, Zuohua Huang, Houzhang Tan 2021-07-14 Fuel
Experimental and kinetic modeling study on NH3/syngas/air and NH3/bio-syngas/air premixed laminar flames at elevated temperature Shangkun Zhou, Wenjun Yang, Houzhang Tan, Qiwei An, Jinhua Wang, Hongchao Dai, Xiaoxiao Wang, Xuebin Wang, Shuanghui Deng 2021-07-09 Combustion and Flame
The regulation effect of methane and hydrogen on the emission characteristics of ammonia/air combustion in a model combustor Meng Zhang, Zhenhua An, Liang Wang, Xutao Wei, Bieerlan Jianayihan, Jinhua Wang, Zuohua Huang, Houzhang Tan 2021-06-11 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Emission analysis of the CH4/NH3/air co-firing fuels in a model combustor Meng Zhang, Zhenhua An, Xutao Wei, Jinhua Wang, Zuohua Huang, Houzhang Tan 2021-05-01 Fuel
Coke preheating combustion study on NOx and SO2 emission Xiong Xiaohe, Lv Zhaomin, Yu Shilin, Tan Houzhang, Xiang Baixiang, Huang Jun 2021-04-15 Journal of the Energy Institute
Condensational growth activated by cooling method for multi-objective treatment of desulfurized flue gas: A full-scale study Ruijie Cao, Renhui Ruan, Houzhang Tan, Shengjie Bai, Yongle Du, Hexin Liu 2021-04-15 Chemical Engineering Journal
Numerical and experimental study on co-firing of low volatile coal in a 330 MW tangentially fired boiler Xing Liu, Jiaye Zhang, Houzhang Tan, Qingfeng Mo, Xuebin Wang, Yibin WANG 2021-03-17 Journal of the Energy Institute
Optimization of chloride ion removal from desulfurization wastewater by eletrocatalysis progress: application of Box-Behnken design Jianghua Peng, Houzhang Tan, Ping Yu 2021-03-15 Desalination and Water Treatment
Decrease of high-carbon-ash landfilling by its co-firing inside a cement calciner Wang Xuebin, Mikulčić Hrvoje, Dai Gaofeng, Zhang Jiaye, Tan Houzhang, Vujanović Milan 2021-03-02 Journal of Cleaner Production
Investigation on combustion performance and ash fusion characteristics of Zhundong coal co-combustion with coal gangue Shuanghui Deng, Houzhang Tan, Bo Wei, Xuebin Wang, Fuxin Yang, Xiaohe Xiong 2021-02-15 Fuel
Kinetic model study on biomass pyrolysis and CFD application by using pseudo-Bio-CPD model Jiaye Zhang, Shijie Zheng, Chongming Chen, Xuebin Wang, Zia Ur Rahman, Houzhang Tan 2021-02-10 Fuel
Effect of ZnS/PbS deposits on high temperature corrosion of waterwall tubes in reducing atmosphere Yibin Wang, Liangyu Li, Meng Wang, Houzhang Tan, Sicong Zhang 2021-01-30 Fuel Processing Technology
Assessment of sulfur trioxide formation due to enhanced interaction of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides in pressurized oxy-combustion Xuebin Wang, Gregory S. Yablonsky, Zia ur Rahman, Zhiwei Yang, Pan Du, Houzhang Tan, Richard L. Axelbaum 2021-01-06 Fuel
Emission characteristics of condensable particulate matter and sulfur trioxide from coal-fired power plants Fuxin Yang, Zhenghong Li, Hexin Liu, Peng Feng, Houzhang Tan, Sicong Zhang, Xuchao Lu 2020-12-07 Journal of the Energy Institute
The blow-off and transient characteristics of co-firing ammonia/methane fuels in a swirl combustor Meng Zhang, Xutao Wei, Jinhua Wang, Zuohua Huang, Houzhang Tan 2020-12-07 Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
Formation of Sulfide Deposits and High Temperature Corrosion Behavior at Fireside in a Coal-fired Boiler Wang Yibin, Wang Xiaoxiao, Wang Meng, Tan Houzhang 2020-10-17 Energy & Fuels
Modelling of initial deposition of biomass ash particles on walls of superheater tubes Wang Yibin, Hexin Liu, Houzhang Tan 2020-10-15 Thermal Science
Combustibility and Cofiring of Coal Gasification Fine Ash with High Carbon Content in a Full-scale Pulverized Coal Furnace Xing Liu, Houzhang Tan, Xuebin Wang 2020-10-08 Energy & Fuels
Investigation of Zn- and Pb-rich deposits on water-wall tubes in three coal-fired boilers Yibin Wang, Meng Wang, Houzhang Tan, Guohui Lin, Hu Sheng 2020-09-24 Fuel Processing Technology
Kinetic study and optimization on SNCR process in pressurized oxy-combustion Zia ur Rahman, Xuebin Wang, Jiaye Zhang, Jakov Balet, Millan Vujanović, HouzhangTan 2020-09-21 Journal of the Energy Institute
Experimental investigation on NO emission and burnout characteristics of semi-coke under high temperature preheating combustion technology Zhaomin Lv, Xiaohe Xiong, Shilin Yu, Houzhang Tan, Baixiang Xiang, Jun Huang 2020-09-19 Fuel
Combustibility analysis of high-carbon fine slags from an entrained flow gasifier Gaofeng Dai,Shijie Zheng,Xuebin Wang,Houzhang Tan 2020-08-24 Journal of Environmental Management
Investigation on PM formation from combustion of lignite with high contents of AAEMs (alkali and alkaline earth metals) and Fe: Effect of the reaction temperature Renhui Ruan, Houzhang Tan, Xuebin Wang, Zhongfa Hu 2020-08-15 Journal of the Energy Institute
Emission characteristics of particulate matters from a 30 MW biomass-fired power plant in China Zhongfa Hu, Xuebin Wang, Lan Zhang, Shunzhi Yang... Houzhang Tan 2020-08-15 Renewable Energy
Mechanism study of nitric oxide reduction by light gases from typical Chinese coals Xing Liu, Houzhang Tan, Xiaohe Xiong, Zhaomin Lv, Xuchao Lu, Xuebin Wang 2020-08-15 Journal of the Energy Institute
Evolution of particulate matter in the post-combustion zone of Zhundong lignite Renhui Ruan;Houzhang Tan;Xuebin Wang;Zhongfa Hu 2020-08-03 Fuel
Effects of coal types and combustion conditions on carbonaceous aerosols in flue gas and their light absorption properties Yanlong Wang, Yueshe Wang, Shiyu Song, Ting Wang ...Houzhang Tan 2020-08-03 Fuel
Effect of thermal expansion additives on alleviating the ash deposition of high-sodium coal Shangkun Zhou, Meng Wang, Xiaohe Xiong, Houzhang Tan, Zhaomin Lv, Xuebin Wang... 2020-07-06 Journal of Environmental Management
Ash fusion characteristics and mineral matter transformations during sewage sludge/petrochemical sludge co-firing with wheat straw Shuanghui Deng, Houzhang Tan, Xuebin Wang, Xuchao Lu, Xiaohe Xiong 2020-07-01 Journal of Cleaner Production
Characteristics of ash and slag from four biomass-fired power plants: Ash/slag ratio, unburned carbon, leaching of major and trace elements Xuebin Wang, Yiming Zhu, Zhongfa Hu, Lan Zhang, Houzhang Tan 2020-06-15 Energy Conversion and Management
Catalytic function of ferric oxide and effect of water on the formation of sulfur trioxide Gaofeng Dai, Xuebin Wang, Hongjun You, Yongbing Wang, Zhiliang Shan,Houzhang Tan 2020-06-15 Journal of Environmental Management
Oxidation reactivity and kinetic analysis of bituminous coal char from high-temperature pyrolysis: Effect of heating rate and pyrolysis temperature Xing Liu, Houzhang Tan, Xuebin Wang, Zhao Wang, Xiaohe Xiong 2020-06-15 Thermochimica Acta
Simulation and optimization of the particle agglomeration in an aerodynamic agglomerator using a CFD-PBM coupled model Hexin Liu, Fuxin Yang, Zhenghong Li, Houzhang Tan, Peng Feng, Xing Liu 2020-06-01 International Journal of Modern Physics C
Hot corrosion behaviors of TP347H and HR3C stainless steel with KCl deposit in oxy-biomass combustion Jiaye Zhang, Zia ur Rahman, Xuebin Wang, Zhao Wang... Houzhang Tan 2020-06-01 Journal of Environmental Management
Evaluation of aluminum ash in alleviating the ash deposition of high-sodium and high-iron coal Shangkun Zhou, Meng Wang, Houzhang Tan, Xuebin Wang, WenjunYang, Xiaohe Xiong... 2020-04-20 Fuel
Product property and environmental risk assessment of heavy metals during pyrolysis of oily sludge with fly ash additive Ningbo Gao, Jiaqi Li, Cui Quan, Houzhang Tan 2020-04-15 Fuel
The effect of mechanical-chemical-brominated modification on physicochemical properties and mercury removal performance of coal-fired by-product Geng Xinze; Hu Jiwei; Duan Yufeng; Tang Hongjian; Huang Tianfang; Xu Yifan 2020-03-21 Fuel
Effects of a combination of biomass addition and atmosphere on combustion characteristics and kinetics of oily sludge Shuanghui Deng, Xuchao Lu, Houzhang Tan, Xuebin Wang, Xiaohe Xiong 2020-03-17 Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
Influences of Organic Solvents on the Properties of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Acetate Fuxin Yang, Peng Feng, Qiang Chen, Houzhang Tan 2020-03-15 Journal of Chemical & Engineering
Experimental and numerical investigation on the structure characteristics of vortex generators affecting particle agglomeration Hexin Liu, Fuxin Yang, Houzhang Tan, Zhenghong Li, Peng Feng, Yongle Du 2020-02-15 Powder Technology
Investigation on high temperature corrosion of water-cooled wall tubes at a 300 MW boiler Xiaohe Xiong, Xing Liu, Houzhang Tan, Shuanghui Deng 2020-02-15 Journal of the Energy Institute
Nano-Scale Soot Particle Formation During the High-Temperature Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics in an Entrained Flow Reactor Xuebin Wang, Yan Li, Shengjie Bai, Qiming Jin, Hrvoje Mikulčić, Houzhang Tan 2019-12-21 Waste and Biomass Valorization
Shock tube evaluation on C 2 H 4 ignition delay differences among N 2, Ar, He, CO2 diluent gases Xiaohe Xiong, Zhaomin Lv, Houzhang Tan, Zhimin Peng, Yanjun Ding 2019-12-10 Journal of the Energy Institute
Effect of feedstock water leaching on ignition and PM 1.0 emission during biomass combustion in a flat-flame burner reactor Xuebin Wang, Adewale Adeosun, Zhongfa Hu... Houzhang Tan, Richard L.Axelbaum 2019-12-04 Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
A typical super-heater tube leakage and high temperature corrosion mechanism investigation in a 260 t/h circulated fluidized boiler Xiaohe Xiong, Zhaomin Lv, Houzhang Tan, Bo Wei 2019-11-04 Engineering Failure Analysis
Field measurements on particle size distributions and emission characteristics of PM10 in a cement plant of China Hexin Liu, Fuxin Yang, Yongle Du, Renhui Ruan, Houzhang Tan 2019-09-15 Atmospheric Pollution Research
Application of H2 and CO2 addition in driver section on shock tube ignition delay measurement Xiaohe Xiong,Houzhang Tan,Yanjun Ding,Zhimin Peng 2019-08-29 Asia‐Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering
Numerical study of biomass Co-firing under Oxy-MILD mode Xuebin Wang,Jiaye Zhang,Xinwei Xu,Hrvoje Mikulčić,Yan Li,YueguiZhou,Houzhang Tan 2019-08-22 Renewable Energy
Study on reduction mechanism of Fe2O3 by NH3 under SNCR condition Bo Wei,Wenjun Yang,Jianjiang Wang,Houzhang Tan,Shangkun Zhou,Feng Wang,JianfeiMa 2019-07-13 Fuel
Synergistic effects of biomass and polyurethane co-pyrolysis on the yield, reactivity, and heating value of biochar at high temperatures Xuebin Wang,Daoyang Ma,Shuanghui Deng,Hrvoje Stančin,Houzhang Tan,Hrvoje Mik 2019-06-18 Fuel Processing Technology
Synergistic effect of biomass and polyurethane waste co-pyrolysis on soot formation at high temperatures Xuebin Wang, Qiming Jin, Liang Wang,....,Houzhan Tan 2019-06-16 Journal of Environmental Management
Improvement of the properties of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate using organic solvents for biofuel process FuxinYang, Xiaopo Wang, Qiang Chen, Houzhang Tan 2019-06-15 Journal of Molecular Liquids
Effect of pyrolysis upgrading temperature on particulate matter emissions from lignite semi-char combustion Xuebin Wang,Jiaye Zhang,Shengjie Bai,Lan Zhang,Yan Li,.....,Houzhang Tan 2019-05-17 Energy Conversion and Management
Effects of APCDs on PM emission-A case study of a 660 MW coal-fired unit with ultralow pollutants emission Renhui Ruan,Hexin Liu,Houzhang Tan,Fuxin Yang,Yan Li,Sicong Zhang 2019-04-06 Applied thermal engineering
Investigation on high temperature corrosion of water-cooled wall tubes at a 300 MW boiler Xiaohe Xiong,Xing Liu,Houzhang Tan,Shuanghui Deng 2019-02-26 Journal of the Energy Institute
Emission Characteristics of Particulate Matter from Two Ultralow-Emission Coal-Fired Industrial Boilers in Xi’an, China Renhui Ruan,Xinwei Xu,Houzhang Tan,Sicong Zhang,Xuchao Lu,Peng Zhang 2019-02-04 Energy & Fuels
Experimental and kinetics study on SO3 catalytic formation by Fe2O3 in oxy-combustion XuebinWang,JiayeZhang,ZhaoWang,YongbingWang,Milan Vujanović,Peng li,Houzhang Tan 2019-02-02 Journal of Environmental Management
Condensation of KCl(g) under varied temperature gradient YibinWang, HouzhangTan 2018-12-13 Fuel







磷酸钙对缓解准东高钠-富铁混煤结渣倾向的影响.pdf 李良钰,王毅斌,王萌,周上坤,谭厚章 2021.7.8 热力发电
先进燃气电厂智能化体系设计与建设.pdf 贾建波,王萌,谭厚章,王顺森 2021.5.20 热力发电
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亚微米颗粒物湍流团聚数值模拟研究.pdf 冯鹏,盛虎,周虎,王承亮,谭厚章,等人 2020.10.10 洁净煤技术
荷电水雾团聚亚微米颗粒物试验研究.pdf 刘鹤欣,杨富鑫,李正鸿,谭厚章,杜勇乐,等人 2020.9.23 洁净煤技术
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劣质烟煤低氮燃烧模式下水冷壁高温腐蚀与硫化物沉积形成分析.pdf 王毅斌,张思聪,谭厚章,王萌,张晓东,等人 2020.7.28 中国电机工程学报
煤气化细渣的资源化综合利用技术研究进展.pdf 史兆臣,戴高峰,王学斌,董永胜,谭厚章,等人 2020.7.25 华电技术
预热燃烧模式下半焦NO排放和燃尽特性实验研究.pdf 吕钊敏,熊小鹤,于世林,谭厚章,向柏祥,等人 2020.6.2 燃料化学学报
超低排放燃煤电厂中SO3的迁移及脱除特征.pdf 冯鹏,李正鸿,刘鹤欣,谭厚章,张思聪,等人 2020.5.26 化工进展
低氮燃烧模式下燃煤锅炉水冷壁沉积物与腐蚀层成分分析.pdf 王毅斌,王萌,谭厚章,张思聪,张晓东,等人 2020.4.24 洁净煤技术
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亚微米颗粒湍流团聚特性的实验研究.pdf 刘鹤欣,谭厚章,杜勇乐,吕钊敏,萧嘉繁,等人 2020.3.15 工程热物理学报
浓盐酸水解生物质的实验研究.pdf 杨富鑫,陈强,王晓坡,谭厚章 2020.3.15 工程热物理学报
生物质富氧燃烧模式下KCl熔盐腐蚀特性研究.pdf 巴特德力格,张嘉烨,王永兵,王学斌,谭厚章,等人 2020.2.18 洁净煤技术
加压富氧燃烧模式下SOx/NOx强耦合促进SO3形成的机理研究.pdf 王学斌,戴高峰,谭厚章,等人 2020.1.15 工程热物理学报
我国工业锅炉技术特点和发展方向.pdf 董琨,谭厚章,许鑫玮,王学斌,李永田 2019.12.15 洁净煤技术
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SO2-NO2-NH3-H2O四元反应体系中气溶胶的生成特性.pdf 萧嘉繁,刘鹤欣,谭厚章,杜勇乐,王毅斌 2019.7.20 中国环境科学
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煤粉热解气化耦合燃烧超低氮燃烧技术进展.pdf 刘兴,和宇,卢旭超,熊小鹤,谭厚章,等人 2019.3.15 洁净煤技术
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气化细渣基础燃烧特性试验研究.pdf 杜杰,戴高峰,李帅帅,王学斌,谭厚章,等人 2019.3.15 洁净煤技术
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准东煤加压气化过程中Na迁移规律的热力学研究.pdf 王建江,魏博,张雪慧,李显,谭厚章 2019.3.15 洁净煤技术
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燃煤工业锅炉超低排放改造后微细颗粒物排放特征研究.pdf 张朋,谭厚章,许鑫玮,张思聪,卢旭超,等人 2018.9.15 节能与环保
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准东地区粉煤灰改性做高碱煤缓焦剂的熔融性能评估.pdf 张雪慧,魏博,马瑞,阮仁晖,谭厚章 2018.8.3 热力发电
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新型湿式相变凝聚除尘、节水及烟气余热回收一体化系统性能研究.pdf 谭厚章,毛双华,刘亮亮,林国辉,曹瑞杰,等人 2018.6.5 热力发电
某1000 MW超超临界燃煤机组尾部烟道硫酸铵盐沉积分析.pdf 萧嘉繁,谭厚章,刘鹤欣,王毅斌,董琨 2018.4.11 中国电力
富氧燃烧模式下水冷壁高温腐蚀实验.pdf 张兰,王昭,张嘉烨,王学斌,谭厚章,等人 2018.3.20 热力发电
四角切圆无烟煤燃烧系统灵活性改造优化研究.pdf 熊英莹,谭厚章 2018.1.15 洁净煤技术
1000 MW机组锅炉余热利用方案对比.pdf 杨富鑫,谭厚章,张俊杰,靖长财,董琨,等人 2017.11.15 洁净煤技术
生物质高温热解气、液、固三相产物及碳烟生成特性.pdf 李艳,谭厚章,王学斌,白胜杰,阮仁晖,等人 2017.10.18 西安交通大学学报
准东煤燃烧过程中Na/Ca/Fe对结渣行为影响的机理研究.pdf 魏博,谭厚章,王学斌,阮仁晖,胡中发,等人 2017.9.15 动力工程学报
凝变湿电复合烟气污染物协同控制技术与应用.pdf 许芸,谭厚章,申智勇,熊英莹,杨根生 2017.8.28 工业安全与环保
煤燃烧过程中复杂气氛下的灰熔融特性.pdf 魏博,谭厚章,王学斌,杨涛,韩瑞午,等人 2017.8.15 燃烧科学与技术
O2/CO2气氛下碳烟氧化的反应动力学研究.pdf 李帅帅,王学斌,刘梓晗,王昭,谭厚章,等人 2017.8.15 动力工程学报
1000MW机组锅炉烟气余热利用空气预热器烟气旁路方案关键技术问题研究.pdf 靖长财,杨富鑫,谭厚章,王顺森 2017.7.28 锅炉技术
四级过热器管束壁面颗粒沉积的数值模拟.pdf 王毅斌,谭厚章,刘鹤欣,许伟刚,曹瑞杰 2017.7.10 新能源进展
300 MW机组双进双出磨煤机分离器改造优化.pdf 李杰义,谭厚章,韩瑞午,李兵,甄志广,等人 2017.6.25 华电技术
330MW燃煤机组SCR流场优化及提效改造.pdf 刘英进,李杰义,李兵,王毅斌,谭厚章,等人 2017.6.15 节能与环保
加压富氧燃烧下SO3生成特性的动力学机理研究.pdf 王学斌,刘梓晗,韩旭,陈义龙,谭厚章,等人 2017.6.15 工程热物理学报
准东煤掺混焦炭燃烧特性研究.pdf 魏博,文彪,谭厚章,王昭,赵亚涛,等人 2017.6.2 热力发电
1000MW机组炉烟再循环送粉改造技术研究.pdf 靖长财,杨富鑫,谭厚章,刘兴,王学斌 2017.5.25 华北电力技术
高碱煤燃烧过程细颗粒物排放特性.pdf 阮仁晖,谭厚章,王学斌,李艳,李帅帅,等人 2017.4.15 煤炭学报
粉尘-CO/H2杂混合物爆燃特性研究.pdf 刘原一,李文广,谭厚章,张兰,王学斌 2017.3.25 爆炸与冲击
湿式相变凝聚器协同多污染物脱除研究.pdf 谭厚章,熊英莹,王毅斌,曹瑞杰,杨祖旺,等人 2017.2.5 中国电力
湿式相变凝聚技术协同湿式电除尘器脱除微细颗粒物研究.pdf 谭厚章,熊英莹,王毅斌,曹瑞杰 2016.12.15 工程热物理学报
煤焦颗粒燃烧过程中纳米颗粒形成的动力学研究.pdf 牛艳青,刘兴,朱轶铭,王治宙,谭厚章,等人 2016.12.15 燃烧科学与技术
超低排放燃煤电厂引风机叶片硫酸盐沉积分析.pdf 王毅斌,谭厚章,萧嘉繁,董琨,张俊杰 2016.11.25 热力发电
燃煤锅炉低氮燃烧稳定性试验研究.pdf 王承亮,谭厚章 2016.9.9 洁净煤技术
准东煤灰沉积与无机元素迁徙特性研究.pdf 魏博,谭厚章,王学斌,胡中发,王毅斌,等人 2016.8.15 工程热物理学报
高碱煤燃烧过程中屏式过热器分层结渣机理研究.pdf 谭厚章,魏博,王学斌,王毅斌,阮仁晖,等人 2016.8.5 中国电力
利用LBM-FVM-CA耦合方法模拟管表面上的颗粒沉积与脱离过程.pdf 童自翔,何雅玲,李印实,谭厚章 2016.6.20 科学通报
火电厂一次风机节能改造研究.pdf 李小强,周静,谭厚章 2016.1.25 通讯世界
硅和硅铝化合物对生物质结渣影响的机理研究.pdf 杜文智,牛艳青,谭厚章,朱轶铭 2015.10.20 可再生能源
锅炉低氮燃烧改造后炉渣含碳量高机理研究及现场优化.pdf 王承亮,刘原一,谭厚章,葛启雷 2015.10.20 陕西电力
高岭土对准东煤结渣特性及矿物质演变的影响.pdf 张利孟,董信光,刘科,谭厚章,王学斌,等人 2015.10.15 燃料化学学报
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红土对生物质中K元素赋存迁移特性的影响.pdf 杜文智,牛艳青,谭厚章,朱轶铭 2015.6.29 热力发电
火电厂烟气潜热和凝结水回收的试验研究.pdf 熊英莹,谭厚章,许伟刚,张方炜,李英伟,等人 2015.6.29 热力发电
300MW燃煤机组制粉系统电耗试验研究.pdf 王承亮,蒋蓬勃,侯德安,李其浩,谭厚章,等人 2015.6.20 东北电力技术
生物质混燃与空气分级对NOx排放的影响.pdf 魏刚,樊孝华,王毅斌,王学斌,谭厚章,等人 2015.5.26 热力发电
锅炉烟气中微细颗粒的湿式相变凝聚试验研究.pdf 朱立平,谭厚章,熊英莹,惠润堂,许芸,等人 2015.4.18 科学技术与工程
湿式相变冷凝除尘技术对微细颗粒物的脱除研究.pdf 熊英莹,谭厚章 2015.4.9 洁净煤技术
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氯化钾异相硫化机理的试验研究.pdf 胡中发,王学斌,王毅斌,邓双辉,谭厚章,等人 2015.1.15 工程热物理学报



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