祝贺李杨同学的论文被国际权威杂志IEEE TBC接受
发布者: 牟轩沁 | 2021-03-07 | 384301

      李杨同学为第一作者的论文“Joint Optimization for SSIM-Based CTU-Level Bit Allocation and Rate Distortion Optimization”被本领域的国际权威杂志IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting杂志接受发表,在此表示祝贺!


Title:Joint Optimization for SSIM-Based CTU-Level Bit Allocation and Rate Distortion Optimization

Author:Yang Li; Xuanqin Mou.


Structural similarity (SSIM)-based distortion DSSIM is more consistent with human perception than the traditional mean squared error DMSE . To achieve better video encoding quality, many studies on optimal bit allocation (OBA) used DSSIM as the distortion metric. However, the MSE-based rate distortion optimization (RDO) was still used in these studies. The inconsistency between the optimization goals of OBA and RDO results in a non-optimal SSIM-based encoding performance. To solve this problem, we propose an accurate coding tree unit level DSSIMDMSE model, which enables performing the SSIM-based RDO with simpler R- DMSE cost scaled by the SSIM-based Lagrangian parameter λSSIM . Moreover, based on this model, the R- DSSIM model can be accurately estimated based on the joint relationship of R- DSSIMλSSIM . With the accurate R- DSSIM model, the SSIM-based OBA problem is then solved. Accordingly, the SSIM-based OBA and SSIM-based RDO are unified together in our scheme, called SOSR. Compared with the HEVC reference encoder HM16.20, SOSR saves 5%, 11%, and 17% bitrate under the same SSIM in the commonly used all-intra, hierarchical and non-hierarchical low-delay-B configurations, which is superior to existing state-of-the-art SSIM-based OBA schemes.