Basic Information

                                MA  Yaqing
Position: Assistant Professor
Professional Field: Applied Linguistics of English
Address: The Foreign Languages College of Xi’an Jiaotong University
Tel:  029-82656329, 029-83052509
Working Experiences
1981-2000 Lecturer and assistant professor of the former Shaanxi Institute of Finance and Economics
2000-2007 Assistant professor of Xi’an Jaotong Univesity
1972-1975 English Department of Xi’an Foreign Languages Institute
1985-1986 Refresher Course of Xi’an Jiaotong University
1997-1998 MA Degree Class in the English and Literature Department of St. Mary’s University College(England)
Nov. 2000 Awarded MA Degree of Applied Linguistics by St. Mary’s University College
Awards and Some Published Essays  
“Comprehensive Teaching Methods – A way to Improve the Teaching of English in Colleges of Finance and Economics”, Second Prize of the Teaching Achievement Reward of the Attached Colleges of China Bank, awarded By China Bank, 1996
“Difficult Transfer of Language and Culture – How the Chinese Immigrants Melted into the British Society”, 1999
“A Comparative Study of the Acquisitions of Mother Tongue and the Second Language and Its Implication for Language Teaching and Learning”, 1999
“A Glance at Teaching of English in China Past and Present”, 2000
“An Evaluation of a Specific Course Book – College English”, 2004
Present Interest
Religion Literature Study