XJTU-RIKEN Joint Workshop on Information Processing is Held
发布者: 宗本徐 | 2011-04-13 | 12357

Upon the invitation of Prof. Zongben Xu, the delegate from RIKEN headed by Prof. Shun-ichi Amari visited the Institute of Information and System Sciences of XJTU from April 11-15, 2011. During this visit, the XJTU-RIKEN Joint Workshop on Information Processing was held at Nanyang Hotel.
This is the first workshop on information jointly organized by XJTU and RIKEN. It was chaired by Prof. Zongben Xu. Prof. Shun-ichi Amari, Prof. Andrzej Cichoki and Dr. Qibin Zhao from RIKEN introduced their work on information geometry, tensor decompositions, and higher-order tensor respectively. Prof. Jiangshe Zhang, Dr. Deyu Meng, and Dr. Jian Sun from XJTU reported their recent work on subjective probability model, dictionary learning and Markov random field modeling respectively. More than 60 staff and graduates from the School of Science and the School of Electronic and Information Engineering attended this workshop.
As part of collaboration between XJTU and RIKEN, this workshop proves to be fruitful. Both sides agree that we share common research background and interest in intelligent information processing, which, as the base for future extensive corporation, can be realized through joint lab, joint supervision and staff exchange.