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论文标题    The theoretical model with the distribution of impact angle for mechanical alloying, Advanced Materials Research, 2011, Volumes 347-353: 3361-3364
作者    Z. Wu, N.N. Serge, Z.W. Bao, Z.X. Zhang
发表/完成日期    2012-01-01
期刊名称    Advanced Materials Research
论文简介    Abstract This paper introduces the theoretical model of mechanical alloying. In view of the varied angle in the actual impact process, the Gauss distribution of angle is drawn into the model based on the angle factor. The distribution of temperature rise is obtained and fitted. It accords well with the Gauss distribution in some extent. The results show the thermal effect of powder depends on milling technology, the impact angle and others. Compared with the previous models, the presented model is well in consistent with the fact. Keywords Gauss Distribution, Impact Angle, Mechanical Alloying (MA), Temperature Rise 下载地址: