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Jie Han

Professor, Ph.D. (Auckland)
XJTU Young Talent Tier-A Appointment
Institute of Global Environmental Change
School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering
Xi’an Jiaotong University
Xi’an 710049, P.R. China
E-mail: jiehan (at)
Member, American Chemical Society
Member, International Water Association
Member, Council of Science Editors
Member, China Editology Society of Science Periodicals
Editorial Board, Animal Diseases (BMC Springer Nature)
Editorial Board, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (Elsevier)


I am the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Environmental and Public Health Group and a Professor with a 'Young Talent Tier A' appointment at Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), member of the C9 league universities in China, which is ranked among the top 10 in science and engineering in the country. 


The overall theme of my research is on emerging contaminants and public health, and much of my previous work was on the migration of trace organic compounds into and out of polymers including membranes, plastics, and elastomers. I have a strong interest in advancing public health including exposure identification, risk assessment, mitigation, and science communication to the public. 


Prior to joining XJTU, I received research training and experience from the University of Auckland (UoA), National University of Singapore (NUS), University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), and University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst), and worked with the PIs of several world-renowned laboratories in my fields. Since my Auckland times, I have supervised about 30 students, including several undergraduates and Master's students who later developed strong interests in scientific research and pursued PhDs. To date, I have delivered several research projects as the PI with about 3.5 million yuan in funding. I have a strong passion in scientific writing, editing, and communication. I hold appointments as the editorial board member of two scholarly journals and serve as a member of the Council of Science Editors and the China Editology Society of Science Periodicals.

Past, Present & Future Research on Plastics @ The Han Lab





Our current research covers the following domains:


(1) Plastics and rubbers (bulk, micro, nano) as anthropogenic contaminants


(2) Interactions between polymers - chemicals - biological substances


(3) Synthesis, characterization, and modification of functional polymers


(4) Applications and implications in environmental and public health domain



We seek students, postdocs, visiting students or scholars, and collaborators from polymer science, environmental science and engineering, biology and microbiology, and life science related disciplines to conduct further work in these research domains.

Publications & preprints

Topic (1) Plastics and rubbers (bulk, micro, nano) as anthropogenic contaminants

主题(1) 各种尺寸和大小的塑料污染物



Need for assessing the inhalation of micro(nano)plastic debris shed from masks, respirators, and home-made face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Environmental Pollution. (Published 6 October 2020; Submitted 25 July 2020) (JCR Q1, IF 6.792)

(韩杰 等.  需研究疫情下人们从口罩与自制面罩中吸入微纳塑料颗粒的风险)​​​





Research Article:

Nylon Bristles and Elastomers Retain Centigram Levels of Triclosan and Other Chemicals from Toothpastes: Accumulation and Uncontrolled Release. Environmental Science & Technology. (Published 25 October 2017(JCR Q1, IF 7.864)

(韩杰 等. 尼龙刷毛与弹性体截留数十毫克三氯生与其它牙膏中的​​化合物:积聚与无控释放)



Topic 2) Interactions between polymers - chemicals - biological substances

主题 (2) 聚合物、化合物、生物质之间的相互作用


Research Article:

Probing the specificity of polyurethane foam as a ‘solid-phase extractant’: Extractability-governing molecular attributes of lipophilic  phenolic compounds. Talanta. (Published 10 May 2017) (JCR Q1, IF 5.339)

(韩杰 等. 探究聚氨酯泡沫作为“固态萃取剂”的功能:亲脂型酚类化合物的关键分子属性)



Research Article:

Consumer-grade polyurethane foam functions as a large and selective absorption sink for bisphenol A in aqueous media. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. (Published 23 March 2015(JCR Q1, IF 11.301)

(韩杰 等. 聚氨酯泡沫对水中双酚A塑化剂的大量选择性吸收)



Short Communication:

Remarkable sorption properties of polyamide 12 microspheres for a broad-spectrum antibacterial (triclosan) in water. Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Published 4 March 2013(JCR Q1, IF 11.301)

(韩杰 等. 聚酰胺12微球对水中广谱抗菌剂三氯生的显著吸附性能)



Research Article:

Adsorption of ethinylestradiol (EE2) on polyamide 612: Molecular modeling and effects of water chemistry. Water Research. (Published 8 February 2013(JCR Q1, IF 9.130)

(韩杰 等. 炔雌醇在聚酰胺6/12上吸附的研究:分子模拟及水化学效应)



Research Article:

Capturing hormones and bisphenol A from water via sustained hydrogen bond driven sorption in polyamide microfiltration membranes. Water Research (Published 16 October 2012) (JCR Q1, IF 9.130)

(韩杰 等. 聚酰胺微滤膜通过氢键作用从水中持续性地捕获激素与双酚A)



Research Article:

Removal of ethinylestradiol (EE2) from water via adsorption on aliphatic polyamides. Water Research (Published 10 August 2012(JCR Q1, IF 9.130)

(韩杰 等. 脂肪族聚酰胺吸附去除水中的炔雌醇)



Research Article:

Chemisorption of estrone in nylon microfiltration membranes: Adsorption mechanism and potential use for estrone removal from water. Water Research. (Published 6 December 2011(JCR Q1, IF 9.130)

(韩杰 等. 雌激素在尼龙微滤膜中的化学吸附:吸附机理与潜在应用)



Research Article:

Adsorption of estrone in microfiltration membrane filters. Chemical Engineering Journal. (Published 15 October 2010(JCR Q1, IF 10.652)

(韩杰 等. 微滤膜过滤器对雌激素的吸附)



Topic (3) Synthesis, characterization, and modification of functional polymers

主题(3) 功能性聚合物的合成、表征与改性


Research Article:

Synthesis and formation mechanism study of rectangular-sectioned polypyrrole micro/nanotubules. Polymer. (Published 23 September 2007) (JCR Q1, IF 4.231)

(延卫 韩杰. 矩形截面聚吡咯微/纳米管的合成与形成机理)



Research Article:

Synthesis of long polypyrrole micro/nanotubules with rectangular sections. Chemistry Letters. (Published 11 February 2006(JCR Q3, IF 1.361)

(韩杰 等. 矩形截面长聚吡咯微/纳米管导电聚合物的合成)