Basic Information


          Deyu Meng (孟德宇)

          副教授, 博导
          Associate Professor


           Institute for Information and System Sciences

           Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics

          Xi’an Jiaotong University 

           Xi’an, Shaan’xi Province, P. R. China, 710049


           办公室:      理科楼405

           Office:        Science Building #405
           Tel(电话):  +86 29 8266 3832


XJTU Homepage(西安交通大学主页):

CMU Homepage(卡内基梅隆大学主页):

Email(邮箱): dymeng at mail dot xjtu dot edu dot cn


Senior Program Committee:
AAAI 2016


Technical Program Committee:
CVPR 2016; ICML 2016; ECCV 2016; IJCAI 2016 (subreviewer), CCDM 2016, BICS 2016

NIPS 2015; ICCV 2015; ACM MM 2015; ICML 2015; PSIVT 2015; RSL-CV 2015,中国计算机视觉大会(CCCV) 2015;

ACM MM 2014; ICPR 2014; ACCV 2014; 中国计算机大会(CNCC) 2014 and others.


Journal Reviewer:
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence; IEEE Transactions on Image Processing; IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering; IEEE Transactions on SMC-B; IEEE Transactions on cybernetics; Signal Processing; Neural Networks, International Journal of Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition Letters; Neural Computing and Applications; International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics; Computers & Mathematics with Applications; Knowledge and Information Systems; International Journal of Biomathematics; Infrared Physics & Technology; Information Sciences; International Journal of Remote Sensing; Neurocomputing; 中国科学F辑:信息科学;计算机学报; 电子学报; 模式识别与人工智能; 自动化学报, 计算机研究与发展and others.




欢迎大家参加于2016年4月22-24日在武汉举办的视觉与学习青年研讨会VALSE 2016

欢迎大家参加于2016年9月18-20日在上海举办的计算机视觉研究与应用创新论坛SFCV 2016

Call for paper:  Special Issue of Neurocomputing for CCCV 2015. [link]

Call for paper:  Special Issue of Multimeda Tools and Applications for CCCV 2015. [link]

In VALSE 2016 held in HUST@WuHan, I will introduce some new developments, especially some theoretical insignts, on self-paced learning and noise modeling obtained by our research team. Welcome to audit.