(1.)Basic Information


                                                                                          CURRICULUM VITAE


     Daocheng Wu was born in Zhenjiang City, China, in 1962. He received his M.S. degree in Applied Chemistry from the Changsha Institute of Technology in 1989, and received his Ph.D degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2003. P. R. China. From 1999-2004, he worked as associate professor in the Department of Pharmacy, the Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an, P. R. China. He joined the Xi’an Jiaotong university as a professor in 2005.


Currently he’s research is focused on the areas of biomaterials, bionanotechnology, and related topics that include drug delivery system, nanoparticles for diagnosis and therapy, as well as functional nanoparticles and their applications in the biomedical field. In recent 10 years, he has published over 120 papers in many peer-review journals. He has published more than 70 research papers in advanced functional materials (IF 15.7), biomaterials (IF 10.3), J material Chem a (IF10.4), nanoscale (IF7.3), autophagy (IF11.3), ACS appl. Material. Inter (IF8.1) and other famous SCI journals. His  cittation is more than 7500 times in total and H factor 24. Among them, there are more than 60 articles written by the first and corresponding authors. He has published more than 100 articles in core journals in China. More than 30 doctoral and master degree students have been trained.


Research fields:

1.Antitumor effects of gossypol and its derivatives

A lot of studies have been carried out on the separation and purification of gossypol and its derivatives  as well as the anti-cancer research of its derivatives. For the first time, gossypol derivatives have been found to have the mechanism of autophagy of tumor cells, and the synergistic effect of gossypol derivatives and adriamycin on tumors has been found. They are assembled into mulberry-like double-drug targeting self-assembly. In the assembled nano-drug carrier system, only 1/5 dosage of the drug can achieve 1.5 times the original therapeutic effect, and the toxicity and side effects are greatly reduced. The synergistic effect of gossypol derivatives with other drugs was also found. More than 20 papers hace been published in Adv Funct Mater, Biomaterials, Cancer Biology and Treatment Cancer, J Mater Chem B, J Control Release and other international well-known journals ,

 2. Ultrasound Drug Controlled Release System and Equipment

A gelatin ionized nanogel with reversible ultrasound triggered intelligent drug release was designed and prepared. The response time and recovery time of the gelatin ionized nanogel were 1-2 min and 3-4 min respectively. The average particle size of the gelatin ionized nanogel was increased to 2-3 micron after reversible ultrasound triggered, which greatly increased the drug load of the system. A high photothermal conversion efficiency system of polydopamine and near infrared dye IR-780 was designed to modify perfluorocarbon nanodroplets with sensitive photothermal phase transition ability. Under the action of near infrared laser, the temperature of the system has been greatly increased from room temperature to above 60 C, which is enough to realize the hyperthermia of tumor cells and tissues. In addition, perfluorocarbon nanodroplets undergo obvious phase transition (from liquid to gaseous). The perfluorocarbon gas after phase transition can enhance the contrast effect of ultrasound, visualize the tumor site of photothermal therapy, and the intensity of ultrasound signal also indicates the temperature change process and degree of hyperthermia. In this study, perfluorocarbon nanodroplets were used to achieve in vivo treatment of animals and real-time monitoring of treatment status. More than 10 papers have been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Current Medicinal Chemistry, Nanoscale, J Mater Chem B, C and other well-known international journals. A number of invention patents have been also granted.

3 Nanothermometer for biomedical applications
A new method for the formation of fluorescent nanothermometer by encapsulating water-soluble rhodamine F-127 fluorescent dye and Rhodamine B (reference) in melamine nanoparticles at the same time was studied. The temperature sensitivity of the fluorescent nanothermometer is high (7.6%C-1). It can measure temperature in a wide temperature range from -20 C to 150 C. It has been successfully applied to microwave heating of cells measurement. The fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) of random curl size Rg of single stranded DNA molecule was used to measure the microenvironment temperature. A colorimetric fluorescent nanometric thermometer based on single stranded DNA has been developed. It has high sensitivity (7.04% degree C-1) and wide temperature range (0-100 degrees C). It has a stable thermo sensitive property and successfully applied to the quantitative measurement of gel and intracellular temperature. More than 10 papers have been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, J Mater Chem B, C and other well-known international journals.


Work Address
School of Life Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, P.R.China.
28 West Changle Road, Xi’an 710049.
Tel: 86-29-82663941    Fax: 86-29-82663941 
e-mail: wudaocheng@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
Home Address:    5 Jinhua Road, Xi’an  710048, Tel: 86-29-82310823


 Research Grants:

1. Bifunctional drug delivery micro-system with the characteristics of ultrasound- triggered release and ultrasound tracking
(National Natural Science Foundation of China, 30570494)
Role: Principal Investigator
2.Systemic pre-clinic research of adriamycin liposomes
(Major Program of science and technology of Guizhou Province of China, 97003)
Role: Principal Investigator
3. The preparation and characteristics of Intelligence release nanogel
(National Natural Science Foundation of China, 30170171)
Role: Principal Investigator
4. Nanosized particles for medical diagnosis and therapy
( National Medical Science and Technique Foundation during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period, No. 2001AA-218031).
Role: Principal Investigator
5.Novel nanosized drug delivery system and their industrialization
(National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, 2001BA310A7 -7) (863 Program ).
Role: Principal Investigator
6. The preparation and anti-tumor mechanism of (-) gossypol micro-system with the characteristics of ultrasonic controlled release and tumor targeting
( National Natural Science Foundation of China, 30772658).
Role: Principal Investigator
7. Bcl-2/Mcl-1 protein inhibitor with the characteristics of ultrasonic controlled release and tumor targeting.
(Projects of International Cooperation and Exchanges NSFC, 30710403089)
Role: Principal Investigator
8. Study on the Chiral microemulsion and related hydrogel and their characteristics of lipase catalyse.
(Key Laboratory Project on Key Laboratory of Colloid Interface Chemistry, Ministry of Education)
Role: Principal Investigator

9.Multi-functional core-shell immunomagnetic bead for the research of cancer stem cells.
( National Natural Science Foundation of China, 30970712).
Role: Principal Investigator

10 . Extract process of Gossypol acetic acid from cottonseed soapstock and  (-) Gossypol   separation  
(Shaanxi province science and technology innovation project , 2011KTCL03-07)
 Role: Principal Investigator
11.Dual- targeting of Bcl-2 proteins inhibitor delivery system to the tumor cells and their mitochondrions ( National Natural Science Foundation of China,  81271686).
Role: Principal Investigator
12Gossypol/MicroDNAs antitumor system with the characteristics of tumorcells and their nucleus dual-targetingOverseas, Hong Kong & Macao Scholars Collaborated Researching Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China.81228011.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
13.Multi-functional mulberry like AQ4N∕thiotepa nanocarrier with the characteristics of hypoxia phosphorescence indication for drug release,hyaluronic acid tumor targeting, AQ4N hypoxia-selective reduction and combined therapy,
Natural Science Foundation of China,  81471771).
Role: Principal Investigator
14.Tumor targeting IR780-loaded Gossypol-Fe (Ⅲ)-EGCG infinite coordination polymer nanoparticles and their tumor photothermal /synergistic chemotherapy
Natural Science Foundation of China,  81871476
Role: Principal Investigator
Over 120 papers have been published in: Adv Funct  Mater, Biomaterials, Clinic Chem, J Phy Chem, J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci ,  J Mater Chem, Nanoscale, IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscienc, Sensors & Actuators:B.Chemical, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Journal, Chem. Commun, Cancer  Immunol Immunother, J Biotechnoland so on.  
Some of them are shown as following:

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