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Simultaneously improving the efficiencies of photo- and thermal isomerization of an oxindole-based light-driven molecular rotary motor by a structural redesign 马健征、赵迪、于乐、蒋臣威、兰峥岗、李福利 2023-03-01 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Effect of Temperature on Photoisomerization Dynamics of a Newly Designed Two-Stroke Light-Driven Molecular Rotary Motor 马健征、赵迪、蒋臣威、兰峥岗、李福利 2022-07-01 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Design and Nonadiabatic Photoisomerization Dynamics Study of a Three-Stroke Light-Driven Molecular Rotary Motor 马健征、杨素婕、赵迪、蒋臣威、兰峥岗、李福利 2022-02-25 International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Phase jump in resonance harmonic emission driven by strong laser fields 赵媛媛、赵迪、蒋臣威、方爱平、高韶燕、李福利 2019-11-01 Chin. Phys. B
Photoinduced electron-driven proton transfer from water to an N-heterocyclic chromophore: nonadiabatic dynamics studies for pyridine–water clusters 庞晓娟,蒋臣威,WeiWei Xie,Wolfgang Domcke 2019-01-01 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Ultrafast unidirectional chiral rotation in Z-E photoisomerization of two azoheteroarene photoswitches Xiaojuan Pang, Chenwei Jiang, Yongnan Qi, et al. 2018-09-17 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Modulation of multiphoton resonant high-order harmonic spectra driven by two frequency-comb fields Zhao, YY (Zhao, Yuanyuan)[ 1 ] ; Zhao, D (Zhao, Di)[ 1 ] ; Jiang, CW (Jiang, Che 2018-05-01 CHINESE PHYSICS B
Watching the Dark State in Ultrafast Nonadiabatic Photoisomerization Process of a Light-Driven Molecular Rotary Motor Pang, Xiaojuan; Cui, Xueyan; Hu, Deping; Jiang, Chenwei et al. 2017-02-02 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A
Coherent control of multiphoton dynamics and high-order-harmonic generation driven by two frequency-comb fields with a relative envelope delay Zhao, D (Zhao, Di)[ 1 ] ; Jiang, CW (Jiang, Chen-Wei)[ 1 ] ; Li, FL (Li, Fu-li)[ 2016-07-14 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS
Coherent control of multiphoton resonance dynamics in high-order-harmonic generation driven by two frequency-comb fields Zhao, D (Zhao, Di)[ 1 ] ; Jiang, CW (Jiang, Chen-Wei)[ 1 ] ; Li, FL (Li, Fu-li)[ 2015-10-17 PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Multi-level effects in the high-order harmonic generation driven by intense frequency-comb laser fields Zhao, D (Zhao Di)[ 1 ] ; Jiang, CW (Jiang Chen-Wei)[ 1 ] ; Li, FL (Li Fu-Li)[ 1 2015-07-01 CHINESE PHYSICS B
Dramatic enhancement of high-order-harmonic generation via the quantum interference of dipole-transition paths Zhao, D (Zhao, Di)[ 1 ] ; Jiang, CW (Jiang, Chen-Wei)[ 1 ] ; Li, FL (Li, Fu-li)[ 2015-03-27 PHYSICAL REVIEW A
Photoisomerization dynamics of a rhodopsin-based molecule (potential molecular switch) with high quantum yields Jiang, CW (Jiang, Chen-Wei)[ 1,2 ] ; Zhang, XX (Zhang, Xiu-Xing)[ 3 ] ; Fang, AP 2015-02-01 PHYSICA SCRIPTA
Detailed Photoisomerization Dynamics of a Green Fluorescent Protein Chromophore Based Molecular Switch Chen-Wei Jiang, Aiping Fang Di Zhao et al. 2014-09-05 International Journal of Photoenergy
Electronic and Structural Response of Nanomaterials to Ultrafast and Ultraintense Laser Pulses Chen-Wei Jiang, Xiang Zhou, Zhibin Lin et al. 2014-02-01 Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Structural, Electronic and Spectroscopic Properties of C50X12 (Cs, X = H, F, Cl): Which is More Stable Than C50X12 (D3, X = H, F, Cl) Chen-Wei Jiang, Jianing Colin Xie, Fu-Li Li et al. 2013-10-01 J COMPUT THEOR NANOS
Semiclassical Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Ultrafast Processes in Molecules Chen-Wei Jiang, Xiang Zhou et al. 2013-03-05 Quantum Matter
Binding energy levels of a slowly moving ion in quantum plasmas Hongwei Hu, Fuli Li, and Chenwei Jiang 2012-05-16 PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Ultrafast Cis-to-trans Photoisomerization of a Bridged Azobenzene Through npi* Excitation: Rotational Pathway is not Restricted. Chen-Wei Jiang, Rui-Hua Xie, Fu-Li Li et al. 2012-02-01 Chemical Physics Letters
Selective control of vibrational modes with sequential femtosecond-scale laser pulses. Chen-Wei Jiang, Rui-Hua Xie, Fu-Li Li et al. 2011-11-01 Chemical Physics Letters