Basic Information



         Dr. Bo-lun Yang is a Professor of, Xi-an Jiaotong University, P. R. China. He received his Ph. D. (1992) in Chemical Engineering from Nagoya University, Japan. He worked as assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan from 1992 to 1997. He joined the Department of Chemical Engineering, Xi-an Jiaotong University as a full professor in 1997.
     Dr. Yang has been appointed as the permanent director of Shanxi Province Chemical Engineering Academy since 2001; he is the member of Shanxi Province Subject Comment group. Dr. Yang also serves as the editors for several journals, e.g., Chemical Industry and Engineering Progress, China, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Chinese Universities, Applied Chemical Industry.
     His research interests include reaction, separation, and their coupling processes as follows: The preparation of gasohol from bio-ethanol via reactive distillation, catalytic reactive distillation coupled with pervaporation for synthesizing ethyl tert-butyl ether, biodiesel production, chemical utilization of C1 resources, preparation of nanometer catalysts, application of modern optimized arithmetic in chemical engineering, etc. In recent 10 years, he has published over 260 papers in various peer-review journals.

 Research Activities:

 Research concerns catalytic reaction, separation and their coupling:
1. Preparation of gasohol from bio-ethanol via reactive distillation
2. Synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from urea and methanol
3. Catalytic reactive distillation with pervaporation for synthesizing ethyl tert-butyl ether
4. Secondary reactions in catalytically cracked (FCC) gasoline for the minimizes gasoline olefin and increase propylene
5. Biodiesel production with microwave and ultrasonic radiation
6. Desulfurization for the production of ultra-clean gasoline
7. Liquid Organic Hydride for Hydrogen Storage
8. Chemical utilization of CO2 and CH4 resources.
9. Preparation of nanometer catalysts using combined method
10. Analysis of the filed synergy of the multi-unit coupling for the reaction with separation.
11. Application of modern optimized arithmetic in chemical engineering
12. Separation and purification of biomaterials.
13. Research in the vapor liquid equilibriuminvolving water, alcohols and ethers.

 Research Grants:


21. Alkylation Catalytic Distillation using Modified Exchange Resin with π-π Adsorption Fuction for Deep Desulfurization of Gasoline

      National Natural Science Foundation of China(U1662117)

20. Methanation study in gas-solid fluidized bed based on meso-scale structure analysis
     (Major Research Plan of National Natural Science Foundation of China (91334101))
19. Molecular simulation for secondary reaction of fluid catalytic cracking gasoline based on maximizing Shannon's entropy theory
     (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 21276203)     
18. Preparation scale up of NI2P/TiO-SiO2
      (The Overall Science and Technology Innovation Program of Shaanxi Province, 2012KTCL01-09)
17. Catalyst design based on density functional theory(DFT)
       (Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China, 20110201130002)
16. Study on Key Equipment Technology of Isolation and Treatment for High-Level Liquid Waste
       (Key Projiect of National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) of China)
 15. The dissipation rule and synergy optimization for mutil-process in energy transformation and transmission
       (National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program, 2009CB219906))
 14. Catalyst deactivation mechanism and kinetics of fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) gasoline secondary reactions.
      (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 20976144))
13. Sencondary reaction of gasoline based on the coupling mechanism analysis in the multi-scale and the process
       (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 20776117)
12. Kinetics research for the minimizes gasoline olefin reaction based on the hybrid evolutionary algorithms
      (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 20476084)
11. Filed Synergy of the Multi-Unit Coupling for Reactions with Separation.
     (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 20176044)
10. Multi-Unit Coupling of Reactive Distillation with Membrane Separation.
     (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 20046002)
9. Kinetics for the second reaction and the resolution by hybrid evolutionary algorithms
    (Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China,20070698037)
8.   Research of Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate from Urea and Methanol
     (Developing Items on Science and Technology of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, 2003-2005)
7. The Etherification Technology Study on C5 and C6 Cracking
     (Developing Items on Science and Technology of China Petroleum Corporation,2006-2007)
6. High performance hollow fiber membranes for O2/N2 separation
     (Co-Research Project between Honeywell International Inc (USA) and Xi’an Jiaotong University(China)2005-2007)
5. Manufacture of Environmentally Friendly Ethanol Fuel via Reactive Distillation from ethanol contained water
     (Developing items on science and technology of Shannxi Province of China, 2006K07-G8
4. Green Synthesis for Dimethyl Carbonate
    (Developing items on science and technology of Shannxi Province of China, 2004K08-G16
3. The Preparation and Fractal Research on the Nanometer Catalysts for Nature Gas Conversion
     (Natural Science Foundation of Shannxi Province of China, 2002B14)
2.   Controlled synthesis of nanoparticles(Co-Research Project,2006-2008)
1.   The Synthesis for Liquid Fuel with High Density (Co-Research Project,2007-2008)

 Professional activities:

1. Permanent director of Shannxi Province Chemical Engineering Academy
2.  Member of Shannxi Province Subject Comment Group
3.  Editorial board member for The Open Energy and Fuels Journal
4. Editor of Chemical industry and engineering Progress,China
5. Editor of Journal of Chemical Engineering of Chinese Universities
6. Editor of Applied Chemical Industry


  Over 260 papers have been published in:
  AICHE.J; Chem Eng Sci., Ind Eng Chem Res.; Chem.Eng.Journal; Chem.Eng. and Tech; Chem. Eng. Process; J.Am Oil Chem Soc; J.Chem and Eng.Data; Catalyst    Today; Biochem.Eng.Journal; Sep.Sci.Tech; Int.J.Chem.Kinet; Materials Letters; Powder Tech; Fuel; Energy & Fuels; Fuel.Process.Tech; J.Chem.Eng.Japan, and so on.
  Some of them are shown as follows:
100.  Li, JG; Yang, BL
        Bubbling fluidized bed methanation study with resolving the mesoscale structure effects
       AICHE JOURNAL,2019, 65(5):
99.  Wu, ZQ; Zhang, B; Yang, BL,et al
      Chemical looping gasification of lignocellulosic biomass with iron-based oxygen carrier: Products distribution and kinetic analysis on gaseous products from cellulose
      FUEL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY,2019,193: 361-371
98. Wu, ZQ; Zhang, B; Yang, BL,et al 
      Products distribution and kinetic analysis on gaseous products during fast pyrolysis of two kinds of biomass pellet
       FUEL,2019, 249: 8-14
97. Wu, ZQ; Li, YW; Zhang, B; Yang, BL,et al
      Co-pyrolysis behavior of microalgae biomass and low-rank coal: Kinetic analysis of the main volatile products
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96. Zhang, P; Mao, XY; Yang, BL
      Mechanistic Study on Adsorption Desulfurization Using Modified Graphene 
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