Research Summary



        面向先进微纳功能结构与器件高端制造国际学术前沿,探索飞秒激光微纳制造技术在三维光子集成、智能表面结构、微光学、微流控、微纳电磁控制与感应、微纳米光机电系统等领域的应用;发展基于飞秒(10-15秒)激光的微纳米结构与器件制备的新原理和新方法; 在分子尺度上研究飞秒激光与材料相互作用超快动力学与先进超快成像技术。


Great interest is focused on femtosecond laser micro/nano fabrication due to the ultra-short time scale and ultra-high peak power density characteristics of the femtosecond lasers.

Our research interest includes optical MEMS (MOEMS)
Biochips & Microfluidics, Lab on chips, Smart structures and functional micro/nanostructuresFemtosecond laser-solid interactions,  Ultrafast Dynamics in Femtosecond Laser Microfabrication and Unltrafast Imaging.

My research draws expertise from many different fields of physical science, engineering and mechanics, life science, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering and biomedical engineering.

Some areas we have been working on:


1. Femtosecond Laser 3D Microfabrication
2. Bioinspired Smart Wetting Surfaces
3. Biochips & Microfluidics
4. Femtosecond laser-solid interactions

5. Ultrafast Imaging

6. Compound eye and Mirolens arrays

7. Flexiable Electronics


    Femtosecond Laser 3D Microfabrication

     Bioinspired Smart Wetting Surfaces                                            



        Biochips &  Microfluidics  

      Femtosecond laser-solid interactions Ultrafast Imaging