Basic Information

Yujie Dun


School of Information and Communications Engineering

Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering

Xi’an Jiaotong University


School of Information&Communications Engineering,
Xi'an Jiaotong University,
No.28, West Xianning Road,
Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710049, CHINA

Scientific Research


Ø  Image & Video Techniques with Deep Learning

Ø  Statistical Signal Processing and Modeling

Ø  Multimedia Signal Processing

Ø  Audio & Speech Processing and Coding


Ø  Research on MDCT/ODFT Domain Audio Parameter Estimation and It’s Application, NSFC Sponsored, Project Leader, 01/2018-12/2020.

Ø  Research on Compressed Domain Audio Parameter Estimation with MDCT/ODFT Coefficients, Shannxi SFC Sponsored, Project Leader, 01/2018-12/2019.

Ø  Research on Structure-sparsity Based SAR Image Compressive Sensing Reconstruction, NSFC Sponsored, Principal Researcher, 01/2014-12/2017.

Ø  Research on Fast and Robust Scalable Video Copy Detection Based on Multi-Model Information, NSFC Sponsored, Principal Researcher, 01/2012-12/2015.

Ø  Image Science and Technology Platform, Beijing Government Sponsored, Principal Researcher, 04/2014-12/2016

Ø  Research on Multi-user Wireless Video Transmission Method Based on Visual Perception, NSFC Sponsored, Principal Researcher, 01/2011-12/2013

Ø  Research on Multimedia Applications, Qualcomm Sponsored, Project Leader, 01/2011-12/2012.

Ø  Research on Video and Audio Communication Techniques, Huawei Sponsored, Principal Researcher, 01/2008-12/2011.

Ø  Research on Parametric Stereo and Surrounding Stereo, Huawei Sponsored, Project Leader, 01/2007-12/2007.


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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11(MPEG), Zhengzhong Du, Hongqiang Dang, Yujie Dun, etc., m16909, "Pitch Estimator for USAC reference encoder", 90th MPEG Meeting, Xian, Oct 2009 (has been adopted as part of the ISO/IEC MPEG-D 23003 standard)



Ø  Signal and System

Ø  Topical Experiments on Embedded Systems

Ø  Data Structure and Programming Experiment

Ø  Communication Circuits