Working Experience


2016 -- Present      Xi'an Jiaotong University  The Scool of Electronics and Information Engineering

Deaprtment of Computer Science and Technology      Associate Professor


2011 -- 2015           Xi'an Jiaotong University  The Scool of Electronics and Information Engineering

Department of Computer Scicence and Technology    Lecturer


2012 -- 2015           Xi'an Jiaotong University  The Scool of Electronics and Information Engineering

Department of Automation Science and  Technology      Post Doctor



2001-2005  B.S. in Computer Science, Xidian University

2005-2007  Master, Xi'an Jiaotong University

2007-2011  Ph.D. in Computer Science, Xi'an Jiaotong University,  Supervisor:Professor Boqin Feng

2009-2010  Joint Ph.D. Program,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Supervisor:Professor Jiawei Han


Scientific Research


  1.  Selected Journal Papers:


[1] Heli Sun, Jianbin Huang, Yang Bai, et al. Efficient k-edge connected component detection through an early merging and splitting strategy, Knowledge-Based Systems, accepted.

[2] Jianbin Huang,Heli Sun,Qinbao Song,Hongbo Deng,Jiawei Han,Revealing Density-Based Clustering Structure from the Core-Connected Tree of a Network,IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering,2013,25(8):1876-1889.

[3] Heli Sun ,Jianbin Huang ,Xin Zhang,Jiao Liu,Dong Wang,Huailiang Liu,Jianhua Zou,Qinbao Song,IncOrder: Incremental Density-Based Community Detection in Dynamic Networks,Knowledge-Based Systems,2014,72(2014):1-12. 

[4] Jianbin Huang,Xuejun Huangfu,Heli Sun,Hui Li,Qinbao Song,Backward Path Growth for Efficient Mobile Sequential Recommendation,IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering,2015,27(1):46-60.

[5] Jianbin Huang,Heli Sun,Yaguang Liu,Qinbao Song,Tim Weninger,Towards Online Multiresolution Community Detection in Large-Scale Networks,PLos One,2011,6(8).

[6] Jianbin Huang,Heli Sun,Jianmei Kang,Junjie Qi,Hongbo Deng,Qinbao Song,ESC: An efficient synchronization-based clustering algorithm,Knowledge-Based Systems,2013,40:111-122.

[7] Zhongbin Sun,Qinbao Song,Xiaoyan Zhu,Heli Sun,Baowen Xu,A Novel Ensemble Method for Classifying Imbalanced Data,Pattern Recognition,2015,48(5):1623-1637.

[8] Heli Sun ,Jianbin Huang,Boqin Feng,QoRank: A Query-Dependent Ranking Model Using LSE-Based Weighted Multiple Hyperplanes Aggregation for Information Retrieval,International Journal of Intelligent Systems,2011,26(1):73-97.

[9] Heli Sun ,Liu, Jiao ,Huang, Jianbin,Wang, Guangtao,Yang, Zhou,Song, Qinbao,Jia, Xiaolin,CenLP: A centrality-based label propagation algorithm for community detection in networks,Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications,2015,436:767-780.

[10] Heli Sun ,Jianbin Huang,Xinwei She,Zhou Yang,Jiao liu,Jianhua  Zou,Qinbao Song,Dong Wang,TripRec: An Efficient Approach for Trip Planning with Time Constraints,International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining,2015,11(1):45-65.

[11] Heli Sun ,Jiao Liu ,Jianbin Huang,Guangtao Wang,LinkLPA: A link-based label propagation algorithm for overlapping community detection innetworks,Computational Intelligence.

[12] Jianbin Huang,Heli Sun,Jiawei Han,Boqin Feng,Density-based shrinkage for revealing hierarchical and overlapping community structure in networks,Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications,2011,390(11):2160-2171.

[13] Heli Sun ,Jianbin Huang,Yongqiang Tian,Qinbao Song,Huailang Liu ,Detecting Overlapping Communities in Networks via Dominant Label Propagation,Chinese Physics B,2015,24(1).

[14] Heli Sun ,Jianbin Huang,Xiang Zhong,Ke Liu,Jianhua Zou,Qinbao Song,Label Propagation with α-Degree Neighborhood Impact for Network Community Detection,Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience,2014,2014(2014).

[15] Guangtao Wang,Qinbao Song,Heli Sun,Xueying Zhang,Baowen Xu,Yuming Zhou,A Feature Subset Selection Algorithm Automatic Recommendation Method,Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research,2013,47(1):1-34.



Selected Conference Papers:


[1] Heli Sun ,Jianbin Huang,Jiawei Han,Hongbo Deng,Peixiang Zhao,Boqin Feng,gSkeletonClu: Density-based Network Clustering via Structure-Connected Tree Division or Agglomeration,The 10th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM’2010),2010.12.14-2010.12.17.

[2] Jianbin Huang,Heli Sun,Jiawei Han,Hongbo Deng,Yizhou Sun,Yaguang Liu,SHRINK: A Structural Clustering Algorithm for Detecting Hierarchical Communities in Networks,the 19th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2010),2010.10.26-2010.10.30.