(1.)Basic Information

Jidong Liang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering, Professor



I’ve taught 19 years and the courses I taught include Biological Wastewater Treatment,Enviromental Engineering, Solid Waste Disposal and Recycle, Environment and Ecology Protection and so on.

(5.)Scientific Research

Research Interests:

  • Organic contaminant biodegradation and biotransformation;
  • Environmental remediation technology;
  • Industrial water saving and wastewater treatment technology;
  • Anaerobic treatment technology of organic wastewater;

 Main Publications

  1. Jinxing WangJidong Liang*Dingying NingTengge Zhang Meng Wang. A review of biomass immobilization in anammox and partial nitrification/anammox systems: Advances, issues, and future perspectives.. Science of The Total Environment, 2022, 821: 152792
  2. Tingting Teng, Jidong Liang*Zijun WuIdentification of pyrene degraders via DNA-SIP in oilfield soil during natural attenuation, bioaugmentation and biostimulation.  Science of The Total Environment,  2021, 800: 149485
  3. Jinxing Wang, Zixuan Wang, Jidong Liang*, Zhen He*. Electrolysis-assisted recovery of reverse-fluxed solutes in forward osmosis. Desalination, 2021, 520: 115346.
  4. Jidong Liang*, Zijun Wu, Tingting Teng. Biochar Prepared from Fe-rich Sludge as Suitable Microbial Carriers for Facilitating Biodegradation of Phenanthrene in Soil. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology. 2021, 96: 2014-2021.
  5. Tingting Teng, Jidong Liang*, Man Zhang, Zijun Wu, Xin Huo. Biodegradation of Crude Oil Under Low Temperature by Mixed Culture Isolated from Alpine Meadow Soil. Water Air Soil Pollut, 2021, 232:102.
  6. Jidong Liang*, Sha Gao, Zijun Wu, Huub H.M. Rijnaarts, Tim Grotenhuis. DNA-SIP identifification of phenanthrene-degrading bacteria undergoing bioaugmentation and natural attenuation in petroleum-contaminated soil. Chemosphere, 2021, 266:128984
  7. Jinxing WangJidong Liang*LiSunJianqing ShenZhen He. Enhancing anammox resistance to low operating temperatures with the use of PVA gel beads. Science of The Total Environment, 2021, 774: 144826
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  14. Sha Gao, Man Zhang, Jidong Liang*, et al. Bioremediation Strategies for Petroleum Removal and Bacterial Communities in Loess Under 10°C. Environmental Engineering Science, 2019, 36:1258-1268. 
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Education background

2004.2-2009.3 Environmental Engineering: Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong Uiniversity. Xi’an, China. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. He Yan-ling.

2001.7-2003.7 Pollution Ecology: Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Science. Shenyang, China 
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Zhou Qi-xing
2000.7.2001.7 Course studying in Pollution Ecology: Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China


1996.9-.2000 .7 Environmental Science: Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China, 2000.

Abroad Study and Experience


2018.12-2019.12 Visiting Scholar, Department of Environmental Technology, Wageningen University, the Netherland.

2011.8-2012.8  Post-Doc, Department of chemical and environmental Engineering, University of Arizona. U.S.A.
Supervisor: Prof. James A. Field

2014.9-2014.10 Visiting Scholar, The Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
2009.10-2009.12 Course training in Environmental Management - Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan, 2009.